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The Dog breeds related to the KANGAL dog breed – Part 1 The Malak dog (Aksaray Malaklisi Dog)

Have you ever heard of the Beauceron dog breed? probably not.

Have you ever seen a Beauceron dog breed in Nigeria?almost definitely not because in Nigeria, I only know of one that is a mix,not even pure.

On the other hand,have you heard of or seen a Doberman Pinscher?-The answer will be an overwhelming Yes.

Yet the Beauceron was most integral in the formation of the Doberman,a Progenitor of the Doberman dog breed.

Now to the Kangal-The Kangal is a relatively rare dog compared to the Doberman,but with enthusiasts all over the world.

However,there are several dog breeds,closely related to the Kangal that are very rarely heard of.

The Malak dog (Aksaray Malaklisi Dog)- A giant dog,closely related to the Kangal,it is the largest of the Anatolian Shepherd dogs.The Kangal,Boz, Malak dog,Akbash,Alabai,Central Asian Ovcharko,Sarabis,Anatolain Shepherd and the American Mastiff are the closest kins.
The Malak dog is about the same size as an American Mastiff,but it is a true Turkish,Anatolian Shepherd dog while the American Mastiff is an American dog gotten from the Kangal,or Anatolian Shepherd(Kangal-Akbash mix) with the English Mastiff.
Thus we have the following names-
1. Malak dog

2. Kangal Dog

3. Boz Shepherd dog

4. Akbash dog

5. Anatolian Shepherd dog

6. Alabai-The Turkmenistani Alabai

7. Central Asian Ovcharko-from Russia—Not to be confused with the Caucasian Ovcharko

8. Sarabis

9. American Mastiff.
BACK To the Malak Dog-A bulkier,larger dog than the Kangal,but about the same height.Due to the greater bulk,it is less agile,less combat capable due to less stamina.A most powerful dog.Also sometimes called the Balak or Turkish Mastiff.

Male Height at the shoulders-30-34 inches.Weight upwards of 70kg. A giant dog,about same size as an American Mastiff.

Malak dog picture

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