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    Adrian! American Bulldog

    We went back to bring you all more pictures of Adrian. We will write on American Bull dogs soon.

    The Lion Dogs

    If you ever have enough time to carefully look through all dog breeds,you will notice that several are mild …

    Dog Breeds

    How many Dog breeds are there? How many are pure breeds? How many are hybrids? What are designer dogs? …


    Q ‘n’ A

    Q-What are the differences between an Alsatian and a German Shepherd? A-None,they are the same dogs. Below is a …


    What is a Bandog (Bandogge)?

    Similar to the Pit Bull family are the Bandogges. The fourth,fifth and sixth pictures are of a young Bandogge.A …

    Pit bull

    What is a Pit Bull?

    We have a pug in the third picture below,1 year old,but this does not fall within the Pit Bull …


    Worlds Smartest Cutest Puppy

    Misa Minnie is a 31 week old (7 month) Yorkie puppy in this video that loves treats, training, and …

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