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WORLDS STRONGEST DOG BREED?-By Gbolahan Ibiwoye and Wajahat Abbasi

A recent interesting discussion with the above mentioned pair,both seasoned and knowledgeable about facts in the Arena of Dogs led to this article.
Worlds strongest is a very broad term.
Let us start with humans and by the way I have not discontinued the series  ” Kingly Dog Breeds from Iran”instead delving deeper,we discovered that several breeds mentioned,were not unique to Iran.
Azerbaijan,a former Republic of U.S.S.R has just about these same dogs albeit with different names.
In this article,all Dogs,from Iran,Azerbaijan,Russia,Turkey and Pakistan will be pulled in to get to the root of WORLDS STRONGEST DOG BREED.
Back to this article.The first human Worlds Strongest Man competition was held in 1977.
First Bruce Wilhelm ,Second Bob Young  Third Ken Patera  Fourth   Lou Ferrigno
Fifth Franco Columbu Sixth Jon Cole    Seventh  Mike Dayton   Eight  George Frenn.
Today recent winners in the past few years include Brian Shaw and  Žydrūnas Savickas.

These two do not hold the World Weight lifting record.They are not world wrestling champions.They are not World super heavy weight champions.

Behdad Salimi kordasiabi,  6-foot-6 inches,massive,about 25 years old now,won gold in the last 2012 Olympics in London in Super heavy weight weight lifting.

Power lifter Paul Anderson is in there somewhere,so also Hossein Rezazadeh 6 feet 1 and 162 kg,a record holder in Super heavy weight weight lifting.

In the 1977 World Strongest man contest,Mike Dayton,who came Seventh,was the leanest power man in the competition.Kangal type power.

Lou Ferrigno,the man who acted hulk,a full time body builder,6 feet five inches and circa 125 kg during competitions came in fourth.Ken Patera was both a weight lifter and for some time a wrestler,he was never champion in either,bested by Vasily Ivanovich Alekseyev.

Franco Colombo,the short,body builder who came in fifth,was also a bundle of muscles,but then essentially a body builder,lending credence to the fact that body builders had some power and not just muscles.

Football (Rugby) players are also very powerful humans.

Now to Dogs:-

English Mastiff,Spanish Mastiff,St.Bernard are the largest dog breeds.Should have some pull power.

Central Asian Ovcharko,are quoted by Wikipedia as being the strongest Kangal type dogs.Less agile than Kangals or Boz though.

The World strongest Dog or Breeds of Dogs following human examples,should be dogs versatile in feats of strength.Not best combatants but perhaps best drag weight pullers.
Below are excerpts of our general informed  informed discussions:-

(Edited but published SIC)
Gbolahan Ibiwoye:-
These are Turkish kangals.
In my opinion,i believe Turkish Kangal,South Africa BoerBoel and Neapolitan Mastiff are the strongest canines .
Wajahat Abbasi:-
Do not forget the Pakistani Bully Kuta.
Okechukwu Nwade :-
In my opinion the Newfoundland is the strongest in water,the St.Bernard the strongest on ice and yes the Kangal and his many cousins-Spanish Mastiff,Boz,Alabai,Taybadi,Sarabi,Khorasani,Azerbaijan Shepherd…..are all extremely powerful and athletic dogs.Finally IMO pound for pound,the APBT should be the strongest breed.

I now add the Central Asian Ovcharko and certain sub types of Caucasian Shepherds to the list.English Mastiffs too.

Arueze Ubaka Stephen:-
Egbon mi, what’s your concept of ‘strongest’ in the canine world? if they were bred for different purposes, should their strengths, abilities, etc be judged with same or different parameter(s)?

The above comment was directed at Gbolahan Ibiwoye.

Some parts of our discussion has been edited off,however at this stage the talk veers towards the Bully Kuta.

Okechukwu Nwade:-

What size are these dogs?what is Bully Kuta breed standard height?weight?……I have had disproportionate interest in this breed for a long time,but the divergent facts do not add up and this prompted me to drop the breed and look to Dogo Argentinos,where facts and figures match.I saw several Dane like Bully Kutas in Pakistan.Wikipedia reports heights of up to 40 inches.Many in Pakistan report heights 36 inches and above.

Wajahat Abbasi:-

There is no breed standard for the bully kutta because its not a registered breed , we judge dogs on their working ability not the way they look. The reason for this is that we used dogs for the purpose they are bred for , look what happened to all the large breeds that got registered ?

i will give the example of Neo mastiffs , they might have set a breed standard for the breed but the working ability is zero , take the example of the great dane , from being a brave wild boar hunter the dane after getting a breed standard set has become a couch potato . So brother here is what u need to think about , u like the bully kutta for the way it looks or its working ability ????

Now coming over to y some bully kuttas look like great danes , actually its not the bully kutta that looks like the great dane its the great dane ( the original old great dane) that looks like the bully kutta . If u read the history of great dane , the dane was created by importing large INDIAN dogs from the indopak region. The INDIAN dogs was the name given to the Alangu mastiffs when they were used as war dogs by the persian king Xerexs against the greeks . The greeks liked the courage and strength of the dogs so much that they kept some captured dogs for themselves. If u go through the video i have included the picture of the original Spanish Alano in the video Alano was the name given to the Alangu mastiff in Spain and that dog looks just like the old great dane , and the real old danes had a foul temperament and dog on dog aggression just like the Bully Kutta.

I know what confuses u , its the concept that we have in our mind that the original old Alangu mastif is the floppy faced big boned heavy set dog that we call the ancient or the tulla bully kutta , actually thats not the case , like Gbolahan Ibiwoye pointed out in an earlier post where he compared the original Neo with the modern version , the modern version cannot work because its so heavy and floppy . The alangu mastiff was bred as a flock guardian and it had to follow the herds and tribesmen where ever they went , can the floppy faced heavy Tulla Bully do that ? No sir it cant , only a dog that looks like the Spanish Alano in the video can do that , so the heavy floppy faced dog is actually not the original Alangu the dane like tough slim Bks that u see are the real working type variety with alot of stamina and agility despite their size just like the great dane .

I have had the pleasure of owning danes and let me tell u in this size they are the toughest dogs in the world with amazing agility and stamina. if only the modern danes had retained their dog on dog aggression they would have beaten any other mastiff in combat with ease

but ofcourse the breed standard is set by taking the average so i will tell u that a Bully kutta can be from 30 to 33 inches tall with a strong head and jaw. anydog above 35 inches is a mix . so the avrage height is 30 to 33 inches , the 36 inch dogs u r talking about will be one in ten thousand so if u read 40 or 36 inches in wikipedia its wrong. Even finding a 34 inch BK is difficult 35 and 36 inches are exceptions.

you would also be glad to know that the dog posted by wiki on its bully kutta page belonged to me his name was Balrog smile emoticon

Gbolahan Ibiwoye:-lol Wajahat Abbasi. Thorough as usual.
I love your last comment, “d dog posted by wiki is urs”.
I equally find lots of wisdom in ur second to last comment,”..countrymen who jave not done.any research. …” same is applicable to pitbull men. Many people own these game breeds but actually know little about there evolution.
By the way look at this neo – back in the days neos were neos

Okechukwu Nwade:-

There is a breed some people I know are “developing”……A Cane d Presa Meridionale.A working,”real” Neapolitan Mastiff.

Wajahat Abbasi:-

Some pakistani dogmen are also experimenting on BK X boarboels , u must have seen tough looking brown BKs with black muzzles , so far the results are good , the dogs are tough and fast.

Gbolahan Ibiwoye:-

Bully Kutas are big enough .why X with Boerboels? There is something special about thorough bred boerboels

Wajahat Abbasi:-

Bully Kutas are bigger than BBs but BBs are more stable on the ground than the tall Bks , pound per pound BBs are very strong dogs and solidly built

Gbolahan Ibiwoye:-

I completely agree. A well bred Boer with solid back end will generate a lot of force.

In conclusion,each would hold on to his belief and experiences as to the WORLDS STRONGEST DOG Breed.

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  1. Hi, love your post, u r all very passionate about dogs, am interested in the turkish kangal and the dago Argentina. Can the kangal/dago be used to ward off cattle on a large stretch of land?

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