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NEAPOLITAN MASTIFFS IN NIGERIA-How standard are Nigerian Bred Neapolitan Mastiffs?


How standard are Nigerian Bred Neapolitan Mastiffs?

A while ago we wrote about Neapolitan Mastiffs.

Then a Friend of the house,Kehinde Pearse had Prime Puppies for sale.

Neapolitan Mastiff Puppies if imported,will be very expensive.What with Flight charges alone sometimes being as high as 400 Euros for Lufthansa.Lufthansa is our preferred option because of comfort through out flight,Transit inclusive.

In Nigeria,Neapolitan Mastiffs,like Alsatians (GSDs) do not always come in Prime Standards,hence the great Price disparity.

Some hint at Boerboel compromise,some show obvious signs of Non conformity to the rigorous Neapolitan Mastiff Breed Standards-Gait,size,shape,head and many more just do not add up.

Another friend of the house in Jos,Nigeria,Tochukwu Alakwe,a prolific Neapolitan Mastiff and Caucasian Shepherd breeder,recently posted a picture of his one year old Neapolitan Mastiff.

Standard was my immediate observation.Standard gait,looks,shape,size,withers position,hind legs.All in all a standard Neapolitan Mastiff.


Should father many Standard puppies in time to come all things being equal.


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