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Zeus we wrote about when he was Six Months old,and we showed some of his pictures from about the age of three Months.

Today Zeus is 16 Months and Athena 14 Months.

Just what is the difference between Alsatians and German Shepherd Dogs-(GSDs)?

An old question,long answered by several.There is no difference between and Alsatian and a GSD.

There are working class,straight back Alsatians (GSDs).There are slant back Alsatians (GSDs).The two dogs shown here have classic Alsatian (GSD) looks.


There are long haired (hairy) Alsatians (GSDs),but all are one and same dogs with mild variations.

“German Shepherd dog” was the original name of this breed.During the war anything German was not welcome.Germany was then a Pariah state and so Alsace,a territory in France where these dogs were moved to from Germany became a root word for the name Alsatian which stuck till today.

With the war over and Germany re accepted,the old name German Shepherd again came to the fore and both names have been used since then.

Zeus and Athena Pictures courtesy Ashley Gill.

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