Dog Talk

BRUNO – Courtesy Dr.Tunji Mabayoje.


Recently we wrote about the Malinois and how great this dog breed can be.

Today we revert to the GSD- German Shepherd Dog.Ideally today’s Malinois is yesteryear’s GSD to all intents and purposes.

Remember Bruno?,we brought you pictures of him last December,today Bruno has grown more,will still fill out in typical GSD style as he matures.

Ashley Gill,another of our friends who sent us pictures of her GSDs,Zeus and later on Athena and Zenobia,all GSDs, will again soon be called upon to send us current pictures of her Three GSDs.

Bruno is turning our ok,more straight back than slant,with alert impressions.

We wrote about Schutzhund Training for dogs,we talked about alternative trainings such as K9 trainings as well.Alsatians or GSDs as we wrote remain the best breeds for these trainings,while the Malinois is considered excellent too but hyper active.

We will not join issues here on the merits or demerits  of these two breeds,or even compare them outright.

We will instead simply state that any of the two,well trained,will prove a useful family member,a protector if need be and a companiion.

Bruno pictures courtesy Dr.Tunji Mabayoje.

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