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A long time ago we defined Pound for Pound.The strongest dog breed in the world pound for pound would be that dog breed which if all dogs were the same weight,would be the strongest.

We measure dog strength ideally by how much weight the dog can drag or pull.

The sport of drag weights by dogs has been discussed before here,using the American Pit Bull Terrier as an example.

Almost all dog breeds now train and participate in drag weight competitions,and we get amazing results,for example a 30 pound American Pit Bull Terrier hauling 1,200 kg of dead weight.Muscles straining,determination and focus clearly evident as the weights are dragged along.

Pound for Pound,an American Pit Bull Terrier may well be the strongest dog in the world.A 25 kg APBT may not drag as much as a 50kg Cane Corso, or a 70 kg Boerboel or a 60 kangal,but it will drag more than half,almost up to 60% what the heavier,larger dog can drag,meaning that if they were same weight,the APBT would drag much more.

THE MALINOIS- In comes another breed,a great breed that has not been well understood or studied.A breed still relatively rare in Nigeria.This breed is the Malinois or Belgian Shepherd Malinois.

Today many enthuse that the Malinois may well be stronger pound for pound than the mighty APBT.

There is no doubt that the Malinois is in many cases more athletic than even the APBT.There is not doubt that the Malinois is extremely strong for it’s size.We will write and compare these two breeds.

However,verbatim we bring you statements from one of the very few Malinois keepers in Nigeria,Prince Adebayo Adejengbe- “Their are two types in Europe, the show line Mali and the real working line suitable for police and military. My first set of Mali are from show line, good appearance but less fire inside. The boy jumping came from a true working line with a lot of guarding instincts. Care must be taking when picking a pup because all breeders will tell you want you want to hear.”

Jumping Malinois picture courtesy Prince Adebayo Adejengbe.


  1. I have sled trained and load tested many breeds including a huge 84#PBT and to date the strongest dog I have turned is an 87#Alaskan Malamute named Sin,vs the Pit and given roughly same weight Sin manages routinely to out pull Lars by as wide a margin as 14%.A huge MALANOIS NAMED kONG AT 92# HAS EXCEEDED THAT MARGIN BY 18%,ALL 3 ARE BETWEEN 4_5YRS OF AGE AND MALE.

    • THIS IS ON A 40’RUN WITH A STACKING LOAD OF 140KG AND A 12 DEGREE INCLINE WHICH AMPS THE LOAD AS GRADE AND DISTANCE INCREASes,the maximum load at the rail goes to 960 pounds at 40 ft,so it is load plus distance and incline

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