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For now the Malinois Dog Breed is rare in Nigeria.A great dog breed all things being equal,we think it is only fair that we devote some time to understudy this breed.

From the start,it is necessary that we clarify that the Malinois is not a breed for beginners.It is also necessary to clarify that just like Alsatians (GSDs),there are working bloodline Malinois as well as show bloodlines.

We will do the unthinkable and compare the Malinois with the American Pi Bull Terrier in a supremacy comparison.Unthinkable because the APBT is/was a blood sport and fighthing dog breed,while the Malinois like the Alsatian is essentially a hard working Shepherd dog.

Presently the Malinois is used in Military and Police work,as guard dog in private homes.Thus a full time SCHUTZHUND or security dog breed.

The American Pit Bull Terrier has also been used for security work,in fact had been used as Police attack dogs to guard drugs and had been said to be so brave as to keep coming even when outflanked by several Police officers shooting at them and would keep attacking until the final shot cut them down.

In dark surroundings or in the evenings,because targeting them would be more difficult,even trained armed Police had shied away from going into APBT territories.Such is the legend of this fearless dog breed with incredible tolerance to pain,even unto death.

Back to the Malinois- when well trained,and firmly handled,it may seem that no other dog breed is as good as the Malinois presently in Schutzhnd duties.But even up til last week,when discussing with a prolific trainer from England,the insistence is that a very well trained German Shepherd is near impossible to best.

The adult Malinois Male can get up to about 35kg maximum.Many suggest that the present day Malinois,is essentially the old school,working class GSD,which was lighter in weight and much more agile,athletic than present day GSDs.

Malinois pictures courtesy Prince Adebayo Adejengbe,a keeper/breeder of the Malinois dog breed in Nigeria.Dog shown here is named Kongo.



  1. The above dog looks healthy and fit, I doubt if the dog is in this country because I haven’t been seeing athletics dog like this around.

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