Swimming Pools,Lagos,Abuja,Nigeria-Pool Maintenance part 1.

We quickly want to look at a very important topic here,which is maintaining a dig in swimming pool,to ensure that the water therein is healthy and safe.

This series will be in simple language to make it easy for you our readers to follow.

The biggest problem of swimming pools in Nigeria is Algae.They get the pool water all green,dark green or even black.

Traditionally three components were recommend- Chlorine,Algaecide and Alum.Along with vigorous cleaning.The correct proportion of all three components mentioned above will determine how well algae is kept away from your swimming Pool.

In this first part,we will look at a valid point usually overlooked.

Tropical weather,Sun,heat and effects on algae formation (Algae bloom).

Too much Chlorine in the pool is not the secret.A pool smelling much of chlorine is not well managed.We will go into this at a later date.For now our concern is effect of Sun light/heat on Chlorine.

Sunlight and heat aid the escape of Chlorine from swimming pools.Heat aids the growth and bloom of algae in swimming pools.

Chlorine content of a pool are in tow parts-Free Chlorine,not bonded as a chemical compound and therefore free to attack germs,algae and combined chlorine.

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