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American Pit Bull Terriers in Nigeria-Good,Bad or Ugly?

Nigeria has just come through a defining set of elections,Presidential,Gubernatorial,State and National Law maker elections.

Propaganda,campaigns,attempts to woo the electorate.Many Nigerians were surprised,even shocked at how friends and contemporaries they had known for so long,aligned with an opposing political party and we here frankly wondered at how easy it could be to confuse the human mind.

Here our question is- Are American Pit Bull Terriers- APBTs good,bad or ugly dogs?

Reports abound of these breeds being used for humanitarian duties,therapy,bomb detection,K9 duties.Then again reports abound about these same breeds eating up their owners.They have also been used to guard drugs and drug money and as anti Police attack dogs.

We will look at some of the core undeniable facts,especially because there is a new set of APBT lovers who have come aboard in Nigeria and who are spreading the news that this breed may well be the b est ever.

Awit Efom- diarise this name if you will ever be interested in the APBT in Nigeria.There are other names,other gurus.

There is even an APBT exhibition coming up May 1,Worker;s day this year at 77 Alhaji Masha Street,Surulere,to be hosted by the afire mentioned Awit Efom.

Now the facts-

1.The APBT is an incredibly powerful dog breed.-Lean (when pure),swift and full of athleticism and stamina,the APBT may well be the most powerful dog breed pound for pound.

In drag weight competitions,a 25 kg APBT drags almost the same weight as a 50 kg Cane Corso.For sure the Cane Corso drags more weight,but just a little more showing that had the APBT been up to the Cane Coros weight,he/she would drag far more weight.

2.The APBT is a fighting and game dog.

3.The APBT has a high prey drive and chases almost always end in death.

4.The APBT is sensitive to fear and or discomfort of humans around and may quickly be aroused prey wise by furtive movements.

Oh but they are great with children,and even other pets and are easily trained some of the proponents will state.Oh they love humans,are playful,love to be hugged they may continue.

We will together with Awit Efom begin an indept look at this unique breed.Are they good as guard dogs?personal protection?Watch dogs?Attack dogs?

Are they brave,without fear of noise and attacks?can they withstand high the pain threshold?

The next article will begin the series on the APBT.

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