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A picture of a Rottweiler and an American Pit Bull Terrier,asking which was the more beautiful or ( handsome) prompted this article.

About Forty years ago in Nigeria,we only had the Alsatian (or GSD) primarily.This was the Police Dog,the prime big dog,the standards by which other dogs were measured in Nigeria.

Today we have almost all dog breeds in Nigeria,and those breeds not here could always be imported any way.

Slowly the inclination has shifted from the regular,handsome features of the Alsatian,to other diverse looks.

Using the following as standards or near standards,we will try to group the shape of heads and dogs of dogs by breed,we will include size in this groupings and we will try to determine which looks group is presently most popular in Nigeria.

The standard looks in dogs occur in the following breeds in o varying degrees-

STANDARD LOOKS -Alsatians,East European Shepherds,Malinois,Akita.Close to these standard looks are Caucasian Shepherds,which are thicker variants,as well as Kangals which are larger variants.

PUGNACIOUS LOOKS- The new fad,with breeds such as Bull Mastiffs,Cane Corso,Boxers,Bull Dogs(English),some variations of the American Bull Dogs/ Close to these are Boerboels,Neapolitan Mastiffs,Dogue de Bordeaux,English Mastiffs,

Breeds such as the Dogo Argentino,American Pit Bull Terrier,Tosa Inu are not pugnacios,but have pugnacious taints in their blood with the unique looks.

HOUND LOOKS- the long elegant heads of hounds.Afghan hounds,Grey hound,Azawakh,Whippet,Saluki.

As a guide in this first part,We will divide K9 Dogs into the three classes listed above-K9 Dogs such as Alsatians,Doberman Pinschers,Rottweiler,Malinois,Blood hounds.

For the five k9 dogs above,The Alsatian and Malinois are standard in looks and size.

The Doberman has hound looks while being standard in size.

The Rottweiler has pugnacious looks and large to standard in weight and size.

The blood hound has looks somewhere between hound,standard and slight pugnacious,with a large size.

In part two,we will at pugnacious looks.

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