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K9 Dog breeds or “Beastly” Dog breeds which protect better-Part 1

Again we apologize for our prolonged absence,we were on tour sourcing for rather rare dog breeds for some of you our esteemed readers as well as doing some private catch up with friends and Dogs men from different climes.

We agree that we have not always diligently followed up with our Multi part series,but we will complete this and any other from the past you our esteemed readers point out to us via your comments or sms or phone calls.

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Now to the topic above,brought about by rigorous discussions with seasoned Dogs men on Dog training,breed adaptability and advantages and dis advantages of peculiar Dog Breeds.

Let us start from the basis-What breeds are K9 Breeds?-As we all know,the Police or Para Military Dog breeds.Of these,the Four most consistent are :-Malinois,Alsatians,Doberman Pinschers,and Rottweilers.

Some other breeds-The American Pit Bull Terrier,The Blood Hound have also been used for K9 duties.But the American Pit Bull,falls into the “Beastly” dog category for being able to adapt to a fighting dog life style.

Which are the “Beastly” Dog breeds?- Well those which had been used for Dog fights,those used as Catch Dogs,baiting dogs also,even those used as Bay Dogs such as the Rhodesian Ridge back.

Surprisingly The Boerboel is among the Beastly breeds,having been used in Dog fights and having fighting bloodline strains,little wonder Countries such as Denmark banned the Boerboel.However the Boerboel is a fringe fighting Dog,not as savage as some of the real fighting dogs.

Other beastly breeds include but are not limited to- The Tosa Inu, Dogo Argentino,Cane Da Presa Canarios,Cane Corso,American Pit Bull Terrier.

How well do K9 Dog breeds compare with the Beastly breeds,given that the more capable and vicious a dog breed is,the better said breed will keep the bad guys away.

This is where things get very interesting.Training to a large extent and not viciousness is what we all need in our dogs.

Cane Corsos,though Beastly,can and have been trained to be perfect family dogs and great controllable guard Dogs.Neapolitan Mastiffs though not regular K9 breeds,are all the same great guard dogs.

In this first part,we will compare the Alsatian with a Cane Corso,a K9 vs a Beast supposedly.

1.Physicals-The Alsatian is like a home boy when compared in physical looks to a Cane Corso.The Corso has the rugged looks and pugnacious appearance of the typical catch cum fighting Dog breed.

Cane Corsos were in the past variously termed as Gladiators,fighting other beasts and perhaps a subtle sub type was like the Neapolitan Mastiff in the past classified as Estate Guard.Cane Corsos were also used to catch and hold animals such as Hogs.

Powerful rugged looks,up to 28 inches high,with menacing facial looks and lean muscles,a Prime Male Corso can be up to 55 kg.

Latent power,friendly looking,a Prime Male Alsatian can be up to 43 kg and 26 inches high.

2.Training and use as guard dog-As stated above,the mean one here is the Cane Corso,but with Training we can get an Alsatian to do much more than the Cane Corso.To start with we can control the Alsatian better,secondly man does not need so much Canine power to ward him or her off.Even the Malinois,which is smaller and less powerful than the Alsatian is capable of crushing bones and sinews,muscles and tendons leaving man mauled and unable to move.All K9 Dog breeds are able to kill man if need be,the Beastly breeds only perhaps do that in a more savage way.

Dog training is akin to inputting control on power,making a dog able to protect without constituting out right lethal nuisance.

Please make no mistake,the Cane Corso can and is usually trained to become controllable and good at guard duties.Same for the Boerboel and so many other Beastly breeds.Training is however more challenging for these breeds.

We will stop here,we will introduce a K9 breed with attributes of Beastly breeds,the Rottweiler, into this article in the very next part of the series and with constant emphasis on training,end up showing that virtually All dog breeds,Beast or K9 can be “de briefed” into great guard dogs,with owners having complete control on them.

In closing this section,please note that of the K9 breeds,the best,that now most favored by handlers,happens to be the Malinois,the smallest and weakest of them all,followed by the Alsatian while the meaner Doberman and the almost Beastly Rottweiler come in third and fourth

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