OKECHUKWU NWADE- SWIMMING POOLS IN NIGERIA – Construction,Intricacies – Part 2


We repeat salient details in part 1 of this article:-

Side by side with our love for Dogs,is our love for Swimming pools.

For over Twenty five years we have been closely tied to Dig in Swimming Pools,Surface swimming pools,Marbles,Granites, and man made tiles such as Vitrified,ceramic and Mosaic tiles.

General information- ALL dig in swimming pools should essentially be a rigid cast system,without leakage and well reinforced so that the whole does not sink further or other wise shift leading to a crack in the cast and subsequent intrusion of water/leakage.

Ideally the base of the pool should be reinforced irrespective of the soil carrying capacity,and cast should be done with right size and quantity of iron to guarantee permanent rigidity.

Most dig in pool builders will not use hard core as a foundation,and many get away with it as the pools do not present any problems later but ideally pool base should be solid!,Should be well compacted,hard core added,again compacted before stone dust and laterite,then again very well compacted, that way the pool will never sink/shift and leakage later on will be prevented.

The walls should also be vertical damp proof course quality,i,e the base and the walls should be super firm and leak proof.

A dig in pool like with a size of for example 7Meters in width by 18 Meters in length will hold water of 7m x18m x about 1.5 m (average dept),this will equal about189 Tons.In comparison a 5,000 Block three bedroom bungalow will weigh less than 50 Tons.
This weight of water and it’s movement when people swim will constantly test the cast of the pool through out the life span of the pool.

Compromise- Swimming Pools in Nigeria are classed as luxury items and justifiable so as cost of construction of pools are relatively high in Nigeria.

However compromise abounds and many try to cut corners,avoiding some of the costly stages of Swimming Pool building with the result that problems arise soon after these pools are built and in use.
In this second part of this series we now look at these three stages in detail and give guidelines so that you the consumer will have an idea of what your pool entails and hopefully will be able to ensure that your pools are safely and properly built.

We honestly forgot to add that the first logical step will be an Architectural drawing of the proposed pool.

Dig in pools are customized to the owners taste and all shapes and variations are theoretically possible.

IMPORTANT-Dept- The dept of a pool is of utmost importance,to determine if full diving can be permitted.

If a pool is less than 5 Meters deep,high diving is completely ruled out to prevent spinal inquiries and death.

For splash divings,such as occur in swimming competitions whereby competitors dive not vertically down but splash,a dept of 1.5 Meters is good minimum.

2 meters- 2.5 meters dept do not enhance diving opportunities but are deep enough to drown any human,so utmost care must be taken once a pool is above 1 meter to 1.2 meters.

Thus after an Architectural drawing is done,shape and depth determined,the next logical step is

1.Soil/Geological tests-


As stated in the first article,Soil or Geological tests are necessary to determine among other things the soil holding capacity of the location where the dig in pool would be.
Also this will show the sort of water table in the location and will guide the pool builder to decide the best dept the pool can be and if it will be necessary to build a part suspended or fully suspended pool.

In very marshy lands,part suspended or fully suspended pools will be needed in place of proper dig in pools.

2.After this the next logical step would be to clear the pool area and do a proper landscaping of the general pool area.

3.The next stage would be excavation.Excavation of the proposed pool area in addition to exaction of the proposed Engine room area as well as digging up the walk way area which is the 1.5m to 2m walk way area around the pool.

This walk way area,should also be built strong,with casts in strategic areas to prevent collapse of this area.

We will continue this multi part series by looking at Iron work after this stage.

Iron work for the pool structure,the walk way,the Engine room is very important because if wrongly done,the whole could collapse.

For all questions about sizes and types of surface pools as well as customized,built to description dig in pools at affordable prices Please call/sms- 08080701363.
We also have swimming pools for dogs as well as games such as Volley Ball,hand ball for our surface pools.
We also deal in affordable Marbles,Granites, and man made tiles such as Vitrified,ceramic and Mosaic tiles.

We deal these items with the same patience and empathy with which we deal puppies and Dogs.

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