Okechukwu Nwade-Mayweather or Pacqman?

We will from time to time write about sports,especially high profile sports.

By May 2,2015 Floyd Mayweather may be taking on Manny Pacquiao.

Already several posts have come up,suggesting that the fight is a done deal,and that over 200 Million dollars will be up for grabs.The highest purse ever in Boxing history.

Not so,still the finer details are being worked out.

In all the years before now,when several attempts where made to put this mega fight together,several schools of thought adduced several reasons for the continuous break down of talks.

We will look at these points and after this article we will look at a most interesting topic-Drag weight and endurance training in American Pit Bull Terriers.


Back to Boxing-

The first point cum school of though at the start of talks was that Mayweather was scared of the Pacman.

The period was about the time the Pacman destroyed opponents common to both of them-Oscar De la Hoya by 8th round TKO,Ricky Hatton by a fantastic second round knock out and later on Miguel Cotto by a bloody 11th round TKO.

Floyd had gone the full 12 rounds with Oscar De LaHoya, eking out a splits points win and looking vulnerable in several of the opening rounds when Oscar used his jabs.

Floyd defeated Ricky Hatton in the 10th round,no where near the spectacular fashion  in which the Pacman dispatched Hatton.

Added to this was the common knowledge that Mayweather found fast South Paws very difficult to handle.Zab Judah the clear example.


A south paw is a very difficult boxer to fight.Ask the current Heavy weight King,Wladimir Klitchko.Better still watch the You tube of his devastating knock out loss to South African Corrie Saunders.

A south paw is confusing,comes in with a right jab instead of the usual left jab.Stuns with left follow ups instead of the traditional right hand follow ups.The punches come in from awkward angles.

When south paws are fast like the Pacman,it is a most dangerous prospect to engage them in combat.


Mayweather is a defense king,but his attack has for the past several years not been solid.The few pot shots,the quick right hand lead,but clearly not an arsenal.

So was Mayweather afraid of the Pacman then?- very unlikely.Mayweather is a tough tough champ.I personally think even then he would have slowed the Pacman down and countered properly.


Today,2015 several things have changed.The Pacman is still fast but no longer a knock out artist in the real sense.


Tim Bradley in his two fights showed a way to beat the Pacman by staying on him.

Mayweather is leap years ahead of Bradley,although he does not rely on jabs the way Bradley does,which was key in his first fight with the Pacman when he won controversially on points.


Finally Marquez was a common opponent to Mayweather and the Pacman.

Marquez was easily handled by Mayweather,but in five fights with the Pacman,Marquez had always held his won,even knowing out the Pacman in their last fight although the Pacman was in charge before walking into that bad knock out punch in round 5 or 6?do not remember.Said knock out came against the tides of the fight.


So with all the merry go round,who wins if and when the two fight in May 2015?


I will definitely pick Mayweather.The fight will be more of brain than brawn.Mayweather takes punches better than any welterweight I know,Tim Bradley included.

Mayweather can adjust,will adjust to the Pacman’s speed,feints,and all out action fight style.

Mayweather will win,by unanimous decision.You can take that to the bank.

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