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Drag weight and endurance training in American Pit Bull Terriers.


From two very athletic boxers “- Pacman and Floyd Mayweather,lean,nimble,agile,quick sports men,we move to a dog breed that would well have been classed in a weight category same as that which the Pacman started out with.

Among dogs,the American Pit Bull Terrier would be a Feather weight,at most a light weight,but not even up to the current Welter weight that the Pacman fights.

Do not get me wrong,the analogy of prime athletic boxers to an athletic dog breed is not a subtle fight comparison.

We here do not like dog fights,we do not promote dog fights,and the only reason we talk of agility and strength trainings is to bring out the very best in our dogs.

I have friends who have American Pit Bull Terriers that look more like an American Bully,thick,squat,slow.Grave injustice to a most athletic dog breed.

So we have before now written about wrestling and throws as part of training for the American Pit Bull.

Weight dragging is another good type of training.

Jamaica is a wonderful island of sprinters.At a young age they run in the sand,developing lean muscle mass,the sort required in the short sprints-60 meters,100 meters and 200 meters maximum.400 meters is a new concept to these group of athletes.

After the sand runs,youths in Jamaica run up long stretches of stairs,the upward race against gravity further developing leg strength.Finally they tie weights to their feet and run.

This is similar to the method used on American Pit Bull Terriers.

Trained this way,without the weights to hold them back,the dogs or sprinters as the case may be literary fly off a starting block.

Good weigh training in Pit Bulls requires gradual increase in weight as the dogs haul these weights along as they attempt to run.

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There,first hand experience is possible.

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Picture of American Pit Bull Terrier dragging an SUV courtesy- forum

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