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Dog Sales

Quick dog sales-

Friends of the house sent in some dogs for sale.
1.A young 32 inches tall,Male Caucasian Shepherd.

Said to be a good stud,you will need to run checks yourself as we have not been able to do this.
Said dog is not in Lagos and that is why we have not been able to run checks.

2.Another friend of the house has puppy Rottweilers,and adult Rottweiler and an adult female brindle Boerboel.
We have posted only the pictures of these dogs,while the picture of the Caucasian will not be posted.


Interested buyers should please send sms to- 08080701363 and we will hook up.
In all cases we repeat that dogs are never bought via pictures and physical inspections and examinations are a must.

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  1. Neapolitan mastiff puppies for sale,1 male and 1 female with colors blue and black brindle respectively.puppies are 5 weeks old and will be ready for pickup in2 weeks time.

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