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Ana Šebalj Ex Puttar- Prime Kangal Puppies


Please send all comments and questions about getting these puppies into Nigeria by sms only- 08080701363.

From Maina Maish and Blue line Kennels Kenya,we move to Croatia and to a good friend of the house who is also a Kangal Guru.

She also has some puppies for sale but we insist that we bring in these puppies for any interested reader.

Our insistence is because of the peculiar nature of Kangal imports.

Readers can however discuss everything with Ana,prices,pictures,etc but passports,flight,clearing into Nigeria we want to handle to avoid any incidences and assure safe arrival of puppies.

This is a picture of one of Ana’s Kangals,Bora,11 Months old only in this picture.

Ana is 172 cm or almost Five feet Eight inches so you have an idea of the size of this youngster.

Sire of the puppies in question is above 80 cm at the withers,about 32 inches.

We want to quickly point out that recently it has come to our notice to “preferred” height for Male Kangals is 78 cm (+ or – )2 cm

This is about the average range for Great Danes.

Kangals like Akbash and Great Danes can grow much taller than this,but the extra height sometimes compromises balance.


Also- in an upward size chart- Malinois- GSD (Alsatians)- East European Shepherds-Kangals ; We can not help but marvel at the near similarities.

Malinois look like smaller Alsatians,very close look,East European Shepherds in turn look like larger Alsatains,again very close looks,while the Kangal looks like a much larger East European Shepherd but the Kangal looks tend towards the Malinois.

Please do not take this as an endorsement or to mean that the Malinois or GSD’S place can be taken by a Kangal.The Kangal is a much tougher,stronger dog to handle.but they can be handled.

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