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Neapolitan Mastiffs,Cane Corso and Cane Da Presa Meridionale is the Neapolitan Mastiff worth having?


I have heard several say they hate the Neapolitan Mastiff.I too did not think too highly about these breed until I saw several¬† “working type” Neo.

Culled from Wikipedia-

The Cane da Presa (Italian for “Southern Catching Dog”) is the old, “functional” variant of the Neapolitan Mastiff. Before 1946 there was no distinction between Neapolitan Mastiff, Cane da Presa and Cane Corso, these were just three different names for the same dog. The modern Neapolitan Mastiff is a caricature of the original, a dog created by dog shows. Fans of the original mastino have started an organisation which is trying to gather the remaining specimens which would fit the 1946 standard of the Neapolitan Mastiff/Cane Corso/Cane da Presa.

Now let us continue,The present Cane Corso is a re-breeding of the original.We will go into this in the next article and look at the how this came about and what the ideal model Cane Corso looked like.

The present Neapolitan is as stated above a show dog caricature.Too much mass and fold and nothing to remind one of a  large,agile,fearless gladiator from times past.

The Neapolitan Mastiff even as is can be a leaner,fitter,more agile dog if proper diet and exercises are introduced.There are Neapolitan Mastiffs even today that fit the term- “working Neopolitan Mastiffs”.

There are Neapolitan Mastiffs today that do a great job of guarding and protection.Very agile,with great stamina to do the work.

Why therefore the preference for the slow,show dog types with Rhinoceros folds upon folds?

Very soon,a new true Neapolitan Mastiff will become available.

Reading through the history of the Cane Corso and the dedication,patience and diligence of the “re-breeders” of this regal dog breed,we will come to realize that

very much is possible when there is genuine will.

This same dedication is being applied to the Cane Da Presa Meridionale,and soon we will hear no one saying they hate the Neapolitan Mastiff,or rather the new model-the Cane Da Presa Meridionale.

Cane Da Presa Meridionale are/will be about same size as present day Neapolitans,up to 31 inches high at the withers for adults,but they will be lean,mean,agile.Larger than Boerboels and tougher.Larger even than the Ysterberg Mastiff.

Cane Da Presa Meridionale pictures courtesy- canedapresa forum

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