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Okechukwu Nwade:-Boerboels in Nigeria-Subtle differences.


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Remember the Ysterberg Mastiffs?,taller,leaner,supposedly more agile Boerboels.

For now in Nigeria we do not have these Mastiffs,but today we will again look at the subtle differences in the Boerboels we have in Nigeria.

We all know the massive,mastiff type,27 inches tall,80 kg Boerboels.

These are within standards for sure,but these are definitely different from the same 27 inches tall,Male,65 kg Boerboels.

And these are different from the squat,bully terrier look alike,24 inches high males that weigh a trim 50kg.Looking like built up American Pit Bull Terriers,tending towards taller American Bully dogs.


These are the faces of Boerboels in Nigeria and indeed all over the world.


A note of warning- Some overfeed their dogs and boast of the larger mass.Dangerous.Very dangerous as a lot of health issues arise as a result of obesity.


Dogs are best when lean.They live longer,are more agile,and are more intelligent,Less slothful.

There are massive Caucasian shepherds and Neapolitan Mastiffs,not only in Jos,Nigeria,but generally everywhere now in Nigeria.Overfed,obese,no good.


However even with ideal feeding and enough exercise,distinct variations in shapes of Boerboels occur and we here have slowly started tilting towards the leaner,fitter,more athletic specimen,but with face and head shapes tilting towards a cross between a Bull Mastiff and a Cane Corso while still being definitely a Boerboel.


These to us must be the best,pending perhaps the arrival of the Ysterberg in Nigeria.


A friend of the house,Greek Kennels sent us pictures of puppies and dam of just this sort of Boerboels.


Like we always advise,pictures never sell puppies.So for whatever reason,please make out time to visit,inspect,check temperament of dam and also sire is possible before you add a puppy or dog to your family.


Boerboel picture courtesy-Greek Kennels Nigeria.

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