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Young Lion, 1 year 4 Months for sale – Notochord Omowon

This post interested us.

We have come to respect so much the Great works done by this Gentle man -Notochord Omowon in Ibadan and in Nigeria.

In our post about the best Alsatians in Nigeria,this name came up.

Other breeds,Cane Corso,Brindle and other colors of Prime Boerboels, are available from time to time.Stud services by some of the best Male specimen around are also available.

This is not a paid advertorial,this is an honest appreciation of works done by others to move the Nigerian dog world forward.

There is a current drive by other gurus in the Nigerian dog scene to get a Rottweilers Club,a Nigerian Rottweiler’s Club.We will contribute our suggestions in the very next article.

We will,when writing about the Rottweiler,gradually draw comparisons with Big cats-Lions,Pumas,Jaguars,Leopards,Cheetahs.
Technically the big cats are-Tigers (The Largest),Lions,Jaguars,Leopards and Cheetahs.
Pumas ( also called Cougars) are not technically big cats as they can not growl.Instead they are termed as closer to the domestic cats even though Cougars are larger than Leopards and Cheetahs and among all big sized cats are the highest leapers,leaping easily 18 feet high and the furthest jumpers,lunging up to 45 feet distance.

Do you all remember a Lion called Christian?,The true life story of a Cub owned by Ace Bourke and John Rendall?
Lions are trained,tamed,and kept in Zoos and as Pets.

Lions on average are about double the size of the Largest Dogs-250 kg is about normal largest for a Lion,170 kg is average.Like wise 125 kg is about largest for the largest Dogs-Spanish and English Mastiffs,and some of the other really Large breeds.

At 170 kg average,Lions are about three times the average weight of a Prime Rottweiler (55kg), about three times the weight of a Male Serengeti Hyena,yet the Hyena has a stronger Jaw,a higher bite force than the Lion.

Our point is,several Dog breeds,Rottweilers and American Pit Bull Terriers can kill if not trained and controlled.

The thrill in owning dogs is the fact that we have control over a Lethal force.

Dogs are lethal forces,Lions markedly more so.

These are the brief details of Notochord Omowon’s post about the young male Lion:-

Young Lion at 1yr 4months for sale. Brought in from CHAD and raised in Nigeria. Interested buyers ONLY. Whatsapp: +2347033967197 Ur satisfaction, OUR PRIDE

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