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Kangal puppies available for imports

Our good friend, Damir Hadzic sent us pictures of the new Kangal puppies, males and females, that were recently delivered in his Kennel,Kangal Croatia.

We have stated that we will no longer do pictures so for all pictures,please send us sms or emails.

We are not averse to anyone who wants Damir’s contacts and who may want to import the puppies without our assistance.

Damir Hadzic of Kangal Croatia is on Facebook and some of his products include the Kangals belonging to Jocelyn BC Canada,we wrote about these dogs,two of them several months back.

Jocelyn constantly sends recent pictures of her growing,magnificent Kangals.

It is necessary to point out that Damir’s dogs are marginally smaller than those belonging to Akin Tulubas,and this is partly because Akin does both Boz and Kangals.

The debates continue but Damir’s dogs are great sized,sometimes up to 32 inches high for male adults and this is higher than most breeds regularly in Nigeria save the Great Dane.
They weigh about 55kg to 65 kg and this is ample given the Kangla’s incredible Power to Weight ratio which is about the highest in the Dog world.

Damir’s dogs also cost much less than Akin’s dogs,about 600 – 800 Euros on average.

However because we are making this introduction,we sense a moral obligation to conduct the imports ourselves to guard against any unpleasant incidences.
For one thing,we always use the very best Airlines,Lufthansa where possible is about the best for dog flights.They have superb space,superb care during transit and puppies arrive Nigeria with little or no travel shock and immediately rush out of their cages with vigor.

For this reason,we will recommend that all those interested in the present set of Kangal puppies,may contact us so that we give them Damir’s contact details.

After they have chosen the puppies they want,and confirmed flight prices and Nigerian import clearance charges,we utilize our experience to help them bring in the puppies.

All those interested may negotiate directly for puppy prices also.

We reiterate that profit is the least of our motivation here in Dogs Arena Nigeria,instead the follow up and after purchase rapport is our gain and aim.

Again for all questions pertaining to these Kangal puppies,please send sms to 08080701363 or emails to :- and

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