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How much do the Best Alsatians (GSDs) cost in Nigeria?

We had this article ready since last year.It was practically begging to be published.

At the same time,certain desperate acts of copy and paste by desperate middle men had made us realize that we simply must not continue to publish pictures of the best puppies and dogs available,only for these same pictures to appear on a few free advert sites bearing completely different titles,names, and prices.

Seven ailments of Alsatians,ailments including bloat, which we associated with the largest dogs-Mastiffs,Great Danes (Also a Mastiff technically) have been found to also plague Alsatians.
The original article- ( was shared by a guru in the Nigerian Dog community.
A guru we have approached to send us privileged articles from time to time due to his vast knowledge in Dog training especially and his general encyclopedic knowledge of dogs.

The final conclusion from the original article was that Alsatians are just too high tech to be bred by any one save the most experienced and most dedicated.

This clearly is not the case in Nigeria,where we get practically new breeders venturing into Alsatian breeding.

We will quickly look at these seven ailments that can afflict Alsatians,then we will look at sources of the best Alsatians in Nigeria,two sources ,one in the North West – Kaduna and the other in the South West -Ibadan.Then we will look at one foreign source- our dear friend,Mr.Maina Maish,from Blue Line kennels,Kenya.

The seven ailments,which do not include common canine ailments such as rabies and distemper (for which Alsatians mus also be injected against),are

1. Hip Dysplasia:
2. Epilepsy:
3.Chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy (CDRM):
4.Anal Furunculosis:
5. Haemophilia A:
6. Pancreatic Insufficiency:
7. Bloat or Gastric Torsion:

This implies that in Nigeria,getting an Alsatian puppy should not be left to chance.
Hip Dysplaisia is very common,I have not really noticed bloat,and neither have I noticed numbers 2 through to 6,but that is because I stick to the very best Alsatians in Nigeria.

Strangely enough,the hound headed smaller,Nigeria bred Alsatians,may also not have some of the ailments above simply because dilution of bloodlines,or mixing Alsatians with high quality Mongrels,in turn produce mongrels which are generally healthy dogs.Strange is it not?

So we get healthy smaller,non Prime Alsatians in Nigeria and we get unhealthy almost normal size,Nigerian Alsatians whose ears begin to stand mongrel style by as early as two months.

So – How much do the Best Alsatians (GSDs) cost in Nigeria?

Take down this name,aside from Maina Maish in Kenya,who will give you Prime,Alsatians that cost about N300,000 to arrive Nigeria,and apart from another guru in Kaduna who breeds very great dogs-Cane Corsos,Alsatians,Tibetan Mastiffs,and who is averse to his name being publicly mentioned,(inbox me and I will give you his name and numbers),there is one more who may not mind his name being mentioned.
He is Notochord Omowon and his outfit is Notochord Vet World.

There you will get (When available),Prime Alsatian dogs and indeed several other breeds of Dogs,Horses too.
Look him up on Facebook- Notochord Omowon as well as Notochord Vet World and get to inspect very limited high quality puppies.

Other Prime puppies are available and Yes our good friend in Europe just sent in words of Prime KANGAL puppies.
No pictures please,contact us for details.We will write a little on him and our correspondences after this article.

Incidentally- we repeat that we will do little or no pictures henceforth.For all dogs/puppies,we will inform of what is available,and serious demands may send SMS or emails-

After which we will expect thorough inspections.
Pictures do not sell dogs is our CHANGE slogan for 2015.

Finally we remind you that we are not about any profit,we never ever add prices when we hook up our readers to any our of sources of Prime high quality dogs.
We only perhaps leave a little margin,throwing ourselves some slack if you will,when we venture into puppy imports because rates can change suddenly,Airline ticket prices can change,dog Passport issuance and Nigerian import permits may alter marginally.Other than that,we love dogs way too much to gain an interest/usury when puppies change hands.
We are in fact more concerned about puppies welfare after purchase.

So when you get all the regulars breeds from us- Cane Corso,Bull Mastiff,Boerboel,Caucasian Shepherds,Alsatians,Rottweilers,Doberman Pinschers,Neapolitan Mastiffs,American Pit Bull Terriers,Great Danes,Samoyeds and Lhasa Aspos, be sure that you are getting the very best at direct costs.

We also have repeatedly stated that the cost of a puppy is the cheapest part of the puppy.Training,upkeep,advanced trainings-attack,bite,defense,general,are a much bigger part of the net worth of any puppy ultimately and as such the ‘how much” syndrome is a cheap question to us.
So to the question- How much do the Best Alsatians (GSDs) cost in Nigeria?-
We will answer:- cost of puppy about N200,000 then cost of training and upkeep “invaluable” as no accurate value can be placed on it but surely several times more than the puppy cost and hopefully with great training indispensable to the family.

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