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Doberman Pinscher or Alsatian-Which is best suited to Nigeria?

This is a brand new week and so many things are happening in Nigeria.
Gen Buhari has emerged as APC Presidential candidate and as we write this we await the Vice Presidential candidate.
Ideally we should write on the State of the Nation,and perhaps take a deep look at what the present situations portend for Nigeria.
Also we hear from the Grapevine that Professor (Pastor) Yemi Osibajo,a Gentleman with impeccable attributes and Great integrity may have been picked as the Vice to Gen Buhari.

This is becoming very interesting,but we will pause here and revisit this subject matter with acuity in a few days time.
We must be careful,we must be fair,but we cannot sit on the Fence.

Comparison is usually helpful for us to make choices.
In comparisons,ideally there should be similar attributes,criteria should never unduly favor one above the other.
When the time comes we as other Nigerians will be compelled to compare our current President,Dr.Good luck Jonathan with his Vice,Arch Namadi Sambo against General Buhari and his Vice,and make our unbiased contributions.

Now we go fully to the Arena of Dogs,and we present a very realistic,near equal comparison.

Doberman Pinscher or Alsatian-Which is best suited to Nigeria?

For this questions,the first counter question should be-Best suited for what?

1.As a Watch Dog?
2.As a Guard Dog?
3.As a Protection Dog?
4.As an Attack Dog?
5.As an escort cum body guard?

Then the next question should be-Which of these two breeds has fared well in Nigeria?
Which of the two consistently attains Breed standards in height,weight,gait and other Physical Traits typical of the Breed?,which maintains Mental traits typical of the Breed?

Perhaps the last question,though largely irrelevant in a quality analysis may be which is more affordable in Nigeria?

We will dwell in detail on the first set of five Questions,but will quickly answer the other questions-

The Alsatian or German Shepherd has fared much better in Nigeria.With careful search,we still see Nigerian Bred German Shepherds that are near perfect specimen with regards to Breed standards conformity.
Then again even for the much more expensive imported puppies/dogs, Nigerians tend to import more Alsatians than Doberman Pinschers.

Also the Alsatian is more affordable for the Nigerian bred puppies,while imported puppies are about same price for both breeds(although there are now super quality Alsatians,imports,that cost marginally more than Doberman imports).

Incidentally a friend of the house,Maina Maish from Kenya,Blue Line Kennels recently posted a video of Great new imports.We promise to revisit the Great duties of this Gentleman and the Kennel in the very near future.

For now back to the topic- Of these two German Greats,which is best-

1.As a Watch Dog?
2.As a Guard Dog?
3.As a Protection Dog?
4.As an Attack Dog?
5.As an escort cum body guard?

1.As a watch dog-We defined a watch dog as a dog able to alert his/her owners of intruders by barking and moving about to create enough noise to highlight the presence of intruders.

The Dog breed with the loudest bark on record is the Alsatian (Kangals were not in that test and perhaps Spanish Mastiffs as well)

Compared to the Doberman,the Alsatian has a larger head,thicker neck and louder bark and so the watch dog category belongs to the Alsatian.

2.As a guard dog- guard duties can become as nasty as expecting your dog to maul to death an intruder or intruders.
In vast estates in Germany,the Doberman is the preferred breed for all out guard duties.

Faster than the Alsatian,it covers more grounds in less time and the intent is nearly always lethal.

Both dogs are about same size (weight),43kg-45 kg being top weight for Males of both breeds,but the Doberman is marginally taller,28 inches maximum for Males against 26 inches for Alsatian males.
The taller leaner,meaner Doberman is as we have stated faster,more agile,but the Alsatian again jumps /lunges further and higher.

3.As a protection dog- protection does not imply attack,it is defense when attacked and by virtue of greater intelligence and ease of training,the Alsatian is better in this department.

4.As an attack dog- Be careful what you wish for,and take responsibilities,but when pressed to give attack commands,the Doberman will carry it out in a more decisive fashion,going straight for killing points -jugular and all and constantly presently a leaner,smaller target than the Alsatian.

5.As an escort- A perfect escort should be intelligent,protective,easy to control,easy to recall,able to defend better than he/she is ready to attack and so the Alsatian universally is a better escort dog breed,and so also here in Nigeria.

In summary,getting a Prime Doberman in Nigeria is a more difficult task than getting a Prime Alsatian.
Training both in Nigeria favors the Alsatian.

If however you for whatever reason favor the more head strong Doberman and would like a Prime puppy of either sex,then patience,perseverance and physical visits will get you one from the not so many prolific breeders around.

2 comments on “Doberman Pinscher or Alsatian-Which is best suited to Nigeria?

    • Yes Mr.Kenny,The Alsatian looks much better,especially in Nigeria.In some European countries however,you will notice very impressive looking Doberman dogs,cropped up right ears,well docked tails,tall,lean,and very athletic looking.

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