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Dog reliability in life Threatening situations-Part 7 -CANE CORSO


The Cane Corso is a very versatile dog breed.
If we have not written so much about it before now it is certainly not due to any lack of virtues on it’s path.

They are extremely tough dogs,used in Rome a long time ago as Dogs of War.
We have written that they are capable of withstanding incredible pains.
We have not yet written about all the qualities of this great dog breed.
Also called the Italian mastiff,this dog was was bred as a catch dog to hunt wild boar and today acts as a guard dog.
The breed displays incredibly fiercely devotion to his family.
The breed is also more athletic and agile than other mastiffs including all types of Boerboels (The smaller Terrier types and the larger Mastiff type Boerboels).
The Cane Corso also edges out the following breeds in agility,athleticism and speed- The Bull Mastiff,The Rottweiler,The Alsatian,and may be at par with the Doberman in these regards.

Of the original three K9 breeds-Alsatian,Doberman and Rottweiler,surprisingly none is as capable all round as the Cane Corso!
Marginally lighter in weight than the Rottweiler,largest of the K9 breeds,the Cane Corso makes up for this mild disadvantage with superior all round power and speed,agility related abilities..
The head,neck and jaws of the Cane Corso are closest to that of a Presa Canarios- Primitive animal power.

That said,what are the :for” and “against” factors of the Cane Corso when compared with some of the breeds mentioned above-

In general there are very few if any “against’ factors.The “against” factors will be in the area of stubbornness and a high degree of difficulty to get these dogs to fully fall in line.
Danger is also a factor,danger to strangers who stray into the Corso’s territory.

We have defined primary guard duties as that of alerting,and secondary duties as confrontation.Tertiary duties will then be tenacious fights until the intruders are dispatched.
For all these three,the Corso is perfect.
The Cane Corso was a catch dog,and considering the immense strength of Boars,combat with humans is a great mismatch.
The Cane Corso has the power of the heavy weights-Caucasian Shepherds,the largest Boerboels,the English and Spanish Mastiffs,with the speed,athletism and agility of a light weight-Bull terriers et all.

Still we must ask, what are the draw backs/demerits of the Cane Corso in guard dog duties?-

1.Purity- Prime Cane Corso dogs are exceptional.
Tints/Mixes – with Boerboels,Neapolitan,even Rottweilers (remember the Corso, Rottweiler mix we wrote about about six months back ) and other breeds will result in compromise of qualities-Power,speed,athleticism.

2.The Cane Corso is like the Caucasian very head strong!.Yes intelligent but stubborn intelligence.Rather difficult to train,difficult to keep in check.
Again like the Caucasian, when well trained,it’s natural instincts of guarding will come to the fore and then it becomes a much more dangerous defense than almost all breeds save a very few.
We have not yet written about the Kangal,Dogo Argenino and the Presa Canarios in these series.
When we do,we will draw parallels from this article because the breeds mentioned above are those we can conveniently compare the Cane Corso with.
Others such as the Caucasian,the Spanish and English,are either too heavy,too slow even if just as powerful.

3.Speed-The Cane Corso as we have written is in the Doberman speed and agility class,way up on the ladder.

Those who love (and have lived with) a proper Cane Corso,may find it very difficult do go for other breeds.
They start with the looks,the sort of ear cropping they choose to define the looks of these great dogs.Looks difficult to match in the dog world.
Then the fanciers move to training to get these dogs as malleable as possible.

We like a three dog team of an Alsatian,a Rottweiler and a Corso.
Or perhaps a Rottweiller,A Boerboel and a Corso for the more daring.

In every case the Corso will stand out,both in looks and in deeds.

We have Prime Cane Corso breeders very close to us and will gladly link up any enthusiast.

Picture of Mixed Corso/Rottweiler,female,black color with a male Rottweiler courtesy Vet World,Abuja.

Editors note-Mixed Corso was below 8 Months when picture was taken,while The male Rottweiler was a little over six months.Ears of Corso not cropped,and head a blend of Corso and Rott.
A good sized adult Male Prime Corso will have a more powerful head than a Prime Rottweiler,but will other wise be marginally leaner while being marginally higher-up to 28 inches at the shoulder.

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