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Continuing from last week with repeats,We have been silent on the many painful unresolved issues around us because we have some information,veracity unconfirmed though that some things are being done and so for a while we will hold our peace but  Elections approach and we will not be taken for a ride ever again if by then the many questions begging for answers are not answered.

We pray constantly that the most horrible of our worries,is resolved as soon as possible so that part of our pains can come to an end.


Our question is this-Are these moves for impeachment because of acts such as High Handedness or because of more grievous crimes such as Corruption/Embezzlement?

If a Governor is completely clean,highhandedness will not hold!

We should with acuity look at these matters.APC will make an impact as an opposition party only if all the members are 100% above board.

You must never come to equity with unclean hands.

We prefer a defiant Governor who protests his innocence for all to see,not a Governor who tries to Lobby Mr.President.

We will watch the Drama as it unfolds and learn lessons from it all.


Our On line Neapolitan Mastiff parade should pick up soon and we will use the medium to rank/rate Breeders of this ancient Dog breed in Nigeria.

Nigerian Dogs sales-
Repeats from last week with no changes.

For purchase or inquiries – Puppies and Dogs please send mails to-
OR   SMS to- 08080701363.

The mails and SMS are  the best ways to communicate with us.

Breeds available for this week (New Puppies)


1.American Bull dogs
2.American Pitt Bull Terriers
4..Bull Mastiffs
5..Cane Corso
6.Caucasian Shepherds
7. Dogo Argentino
9.GSD (Ultra Prime Alsatians)

Wanted breeds for the week-

1..Borzoi puppies,same conditions.-One male wanted

Great offer.please contact us for details.

Same client may consider Scottish Deer Hound and glowing coated/shining hair Irish Wolf Hound puppies in addition-one male each.

2.Spanish Mastiff Puppies-One male wanted.

3.Portuguese Mastiff puppies-Two males wanted

4.Afghan hounds,four separate serious buyers on the list!
Please contact us with proof and a chance for inspection for Afghan Hound puppies,males and females.

All offers are great.Prices can be mutually agreed upon.
All clients are serious,in fact have been serious for a while now.

We will prefer to view very young puppies,from about three weeks.
Pick up after the 8th week preferably.

Please send all information of availability by email to-
OR   SMS to- 08080701363.

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