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Never forget the King – The Kangal Dog Breed!


Our recent articles about the Belgian Mastiff and more recently the Ysterberg Mastiff again brought our minds back to the King.

The Belgian Mastiff was strong,could haul.
The Yserberg Mastiff, lean muscle mass on a taller Boerboel frame,
The Kangal lean,athletic,incredibly powerful jaws and legs.
The ONLY dog breed accepted in use to dispatch Cheetahs.

With Passport and Pedigree,imports of Pure,Prime Kangals (see recent articles on Neapolitan Mastiff Registry,purity to get an over all idea of what breed purity,conformation is) now cost upwards of 2,200 Euros equivalent (upwards of N500,000).
Pictures of Sires,Dams and their sizes determine exact prices but range is 2,200 Euros to 2,500 Euros presently,total package upon landing Nigeria,Lagos or Abuja Airports only.

If you can afford the King of Dogs,go get him!
Or perhaps the slightly smaller Queen?

All inquiries for Kangals should be by SMS to 08080701363 Only henceforth.
Please do not contact if not 100% ready!.

Long live the King.
Kangal picture courtesy Kangal Kopekleri.


One comment on “Never forget the King – The Kangal Dog Breed!

  1. Ich weiß, dass kangals ganz liebe, grosse tiere sind, und klar künnen sie auch mal beissen und gefährlich sein, aber so ein halsband tut ihm doch bestimmt weh! Lasst den hund doch einfach mit einem normal ein halsband urum laifen!!! Ich liebe Tiere und habe 2 hunde und bald auch2 katzen

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