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Kudos to Keshi!

Now Praise We Great And Famous Men
Methodist Hymn Lyrics

Now praise we great and famous men,
The fathers named in story;
And praise the Lord, Who now as then
Reveals in man His glory.

Praise we the wise and brave and strong,
Who graced their generation,
Who helped the right, and fought the wrong,
And made our folk a nation.

Praise we the great of heart and mind,
The singers sweetly gifted,
Whose music like a mighty wind
The souls of men uplifted.

Praise we the peaceful men of skill,
Who builded homes of beauty,
And, rich in art, made richer still
The brotherhood of duty.

Praise we the glorious names we know,
And they whose names have perished,
Lost, in the haze of long ago,
In silent love be cherished.

In peace their sacred ashes rest,
Fulfilled their day’s endeavor;
They blessed the earth, and they are blessed
Of God and man forever.

Methodist Hymn.I first heard these great words in 1977,in Methodist Boys High school Lagos,(MBHS) where I spent two months in Form 1,waiting for FGCL to get a site for new intakes.
By November of 1977 FGC Lagos duly got a temporary site in Present day Satellite town and I changed schools.

Stephen Keshi to me displayed rare honor and nobility by resigning.
This to me will qualify him in the annals of Nigerian History as a Great and Famous man in years to come.
Not so for many of our elected leaders and Policy Makers!

Enough said,the World Cup continues,albeit without Nigeria and we must come back to issues in our land.This week we will not repeat what we have stated severally,from next week perhaps and in the interim we hope that some positive news will will await us come next week on the key matters plaguing us.

Culled from last week.We will repeat the details since we were unable to write most of them.
Most other details also remain same from last week save the Central Asian Ovcharko whose import is already in progress.

Prime puppies are available,most breeds.Pedigree,Pure bred,Prime.

We repeat that as we progress,you all will come to realize the importance of Pure Bred,Prime puppies.
Size,looks,mental traits,acceptance,…there are so many reasons why only prime puppies are worth having.

Last week we looked at-

1.What are Pedigree puppies and Dogs?
Who registers Dogs/Puppies in Nigeria
What are Pure bred puppies/Dogs?

2.In direct contrast to this we will look at the Multiple Sire syndrome.
In lay man’s language it means a female dog giving birth to say seven puppies from seven different Fathers at the same time from one pregnancy.
Surely this will contrast with the supreme pure bred puppies agitation and even the Pedigree classifications.
On the other hand it may also mean that breeders should ensure only one Sire or stud stays with their female dogs through out mating to ensure all puppies are from the same Sire or Father.
Female dogs unlike female humans,drop several eggs when in heat and each egg can technically be fertilized by whichever stud mounts her and so the first egg when in heat may be fertilized by for example a Great Dane and the second egg by a Chihuahua and so on.Great are the ways of the Creator!

This week we will look at:-

3.We will look at the Neapolitan in our downward spiral series and show that the initial Neapolitan Mastiff was closer in looks to a Cane Corso albeit taller and larger,agile enough to be a war dog and to fight Lions in the Coliseum.

4.We will look at other interesting DOG TALK articles for this week.

Finally for purchase or inquiries – Puppies and Dogs please send mails to-

OR SMS to- 08080701363.

The mails and SMS are now the best ways to communicate with us.

Wanted breeds for the week-some minor changes from last week.

1.Afghan hound puppies,better if parents are in Nigeria for inspection.-Two males wanted.

2.Borzoi puppies,same conditions.-One male wanted

Great offer.please contact us for details.

Same client may consider Scottish Deer Hound and glowing coated/shining hair Irish Wolf Hound puppies in addition-one male each.

3.American Mastiff puppies-Two males wanted.

4.Spanish Mastiff Puppies-One male wanted.

5..Portuguese Mastiff puppies-Two males wanted

All offers are great.Prices can be mutually agreed upon for numbers 1-5..
All clients are serious,in fact have been serious for a while now.
Central Asian Ovcharko client,(Number 6) does not mind if puppies are above 12 weeks.Would however prefer puppies 7-8 weeks.
All others want puppies 7-8 weeks.

Please send all information of availability by email to-

OR SMS to- 08080701363.

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