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The Rottweiler,like we have already stated severally is one of the useful ‘K9″ dog breeds.
In a parade of the other three “K9” regulars-Alsatians,Malinois and Doberman,the Rottweiler is the largest of the four.
Thick,heavy,strong when compared to the other three above,the Rottweiler is in a class of it’s own among the group above.

We will write about the Doberman and point out it’s ability to attack,Jugular attack.
However for the Rottweiler,the modus operandi is all round,defense,heavy attack,bulky presence.A breed loved by many.

Again as we had stated before,some Rottweilers are almost Boerboel sized-27 inches high and above 60 kg.The Malinois mentioned above is closer to half that weight!

Showkennels Rottweilers,was chatting with one of us today and courtesy of that chat we bring you these pictures and some of the chat details.

We have edited/removed a bit of the conversation and left only the most relevant information.
The comments pertain to Rottweilers belonging to Showkennels Rottweilers.

{Here in New York.(The Rottweiler puppies) .I do believe it has little to do with where the puppies were born, I’ve seen some of the best pups produce from India, Ivory Coast, Egypt. All they did different was starting off on the right path

Everything is not about size, big head/bones…..knowing your genetics is key

Get the most closest specimen to the breed standard/correct foundation stock(dam/sire) then build up and make up for their deficiencies(more size, head, etc). }

Puppies are Bobby and Soka @ 3 weeks.



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