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PHEEEW! What a start for Nigeria in Brazil 2014! FIRST POST OF THE WEEK (WEEK 25)

We will not pontificate for now,to what purpose?

However,a few salient details must be pointed out in the spirit of constructive criticism and we must look at what we learned from this first game.

But for Vincent Enyeama we might have lost the match after the header.
Ball came straight on,the most difficult for the reflex to understand and react to.
Before then was Godfrey Oboabona’s injury.Tough one really.

Lessons to be learned before Saturday 21 against BH.

1. Iran was more committed to defending and making the game ugly than our players were to organizing themselves and reading the flow of the game.

2. The Long Balls and the aerial balls could never have been to our advantage.We mentioned that several of these Iranian chaps were really tall.
Besides cohesion was better in the Iranian side,many of them play in their local league and some in the same team.

3.Our wings,Moses,Musa and Osaze in the center might have been a more creative arrangement.
Really Mikel should become more creative.No number 10 ever has been as stereotype,afraid to make mistakes as Mikel.
Okocha,Bagio, Gullit, Maradona, Messi,Pele,…a number 10 should never be Gun shy!
Osaze a creative maestro in his hey days is sadly now approaching football “middle age”,still i saw some flairs when he(Osaze) came in.
This is however taking nothing away from Mikel as he most likely played to instructions as usual.Defensive instructions.

4.Against BH, we should have a better game,not because BH is a worse team than Iran,(on the contrary BH is a much better team than Iran on paper) ,but because BH is a more offense oriented team and not a team waiting for the counter only.

Like we said,we will not Judge Keshi….Yet.

We sincerely hope he can get the Eagles to put their acts together and make us proud come 21 June.A step at a time is how we will take it.BH and then lesson learned and then Argentina.

Back home in Nigeria:-

We still await word on missing N.N.P.C Billions U.S.D.

We still await word on the House of Reps and their “probe” of Ten Billion Naira charter….No one should hope that these matters will be forgotten.
Maybe if the Eagles play better come Saturday,said matters may be for a short while overlooked,but not forgotten.
After the World Cup attention will shift back to nagging domestic issues.

We are still praying for all the ills you and I know about pertaining to Nigeria today!
We see a certain numbness continuing to creep in but we refuse to succumb and we continue to have faith in GOD.GOD only!

Finally to DOG TALK:-

Prime puppies are available,most breeds!

We repeat that as we progress,you all will come to realize the importance of Prime puppies.
Size,looks,mental traits,acceptance,…there are so many reasons why only prime puppies are worth having.
We will look at the Doberman as the ultimate protection dog in pound for pound rating,when absolutely Prime!when not prime,many Doberman puppies and dogs in Nigeria are glorified mutt look alike dogs.

We will also look at Prime Rottweilers in a related post as the ultimate last line line of defense.

For all inquiries for puppies and dogs please send mails to-

OR SMS to- 08080701363.

The mails and SMS are now the best ways to communicate with us.

Wanted breeds for the week-

1.Afghan hound puppies,better if parents are in Nigeria for inspection.

2.Borzoi puppies,same conditions.Both wanted by the same client.
Great offer.please contact us for details.
Same client may consider Scottish Deer Hound and glowing coated/shining hair Irish Wolf Hound puppies in addition.

3.American Mastiff puppies

4.Spanish Mastiff Puppies

5..Portuguese Mastiff puppies

All offers are great.Prices can be mutually agreed upon.
All clients are serious,in fact have been serious for a while now.

Please send all information of availability by email to-

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