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This week,Mr. Oluyomi Shonde of Dog Affairs,Nigeria will share one article with us,about sense of smell in Dogs and we will bring you some articles from the archives of Dog Affairs Nigeria courtesy Mr.Yomi Shonde.

We will write about Sports,starting this week,especially with the World Cup coming up soon.

We will also write about the implications of the 70% hike in Tariff for vehicles imported into Nigeria and compare from time to time,almost on a weekly basis U.S. used Cars compared to New Cars in Nigeria using Prices,Pedigree(Yes Cars like Dogs have Pedigree too),reliability,performance,longevity taking this new tariff into consideration.
We will start this comparison with the Infinity FX35 (2003-2004 Model),an SUV that would cost about N2.3M-N2.5M with the old tariff,compared to the Lexus RX 330 (2003-2004 Model) which costs about same,both compared to the Hyundai IX 35 which is more than double the costs of the former two!
We will compare a 2008 Accord,with a new Hyundai Accent,Europe spec 2004 BMW 530i, with a new Kia Optima, A 2006 Rav 4 with a new Kia Sportage and many more,every week,once a week at least and we will seek to prove that in every economy market forces,quality,reliability should decide.
The new cars if indeed better than the reliable used cars from U.S.A and Europe will have all the market ultimately,but if not better,then the used reliable vehicles will have the market.
Even then,the prices of these new cars in Nigeria are almost double the normal prices abroad and yet there are incentives and waivers…

For now we summarize that most breeds are available,Prime!

All enquirers for puppies and dogs should please send mails to-
OR   SMS to- 08080701363.

Wanted breeds for the week-

1.American Mastiff puppies
2.Spanish Mastiff Puppies
3.Portuguese Mastiff puppies
4.Central Asian Ovcharko

Also any one with a contact for Shiloh Shepherds,(but said contacts must not be Sam Small or his breeding partners in U.S.A or Jane Lujik and her partners in Canada),should please also contact us.
We are already working with Mr.Small and his partners/Lujik was with us in Nigeria for a long while and just went back to Canada.
We are awaiting puppies from these two links and  so we will appreciate any new REAL links for broader bloodlines.

For all the breeds wanted above,buyers are most serious in house clients and price offers are above N300,000  for all the four above.
Specific prices per breed for a puppy will be agreed upon after initial discussions and meetings.

Please send all information by email to-
OR   SMS to- 08080701363.

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