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We will write about dog breeds wanted by our clients next week Monday, 2/6/2014.

For now we, like you all are trying to “feel” the Democracy day for 2014,and we can only say that we pray earnestly that next year’s Democracy day will bring much better tidings than this year’s!

Eight weeks old male liver colored Doberman puppy and a male Labrador puppy.

Spaniels,Golden Retrievers,Dachshunds,Labrador Retrievers…breeds we here in Dogs Arena Nigeria rarely write about.

We did an article  though about the Golden Retriever a few weeks back.

Sunmonu Lanre Slimbone has two of the above mentioned puppies for sale-An eight week old male Liver colored Doberman and an eight week old male Labrador retriever.
You may contact him for prices or for inspection.

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