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Presently we are compiling names of the first set of twenty clients for the Kangal Puppies.

The cost of these puppies averagely on landing Nigeria will be 1,700 Euros.

The terms of payment will be strictly check,and pay.

We will bring in all the puppies first as earlier stated.

Breakdown of costs and explanations-

1.Our initial source,insisted on U.S.D 3,000 minimum per puppy.
Export of Kangals from Turkey is prohibited.
Akbash may however be exported.
Kangals are not plentiful and as such most breeders outside of Turkey rarely have puppies.

2.We finally got three sources,one in Turkey and two just outside of Turkey where the export prohibition rule is not effective.These puppies on average cost 1,500 Euros there.
Please do not be deceived by false claims of cheaper Kangal puppies,it is a scam!
Even Bully Kuta puppies,scam and all,mix,mix and mix predominantly with Great Danes for height,and terriers for speed still cost more than U.S.D 2,500.

3.These puppies have first vaccines, second dhppi vaccine, rabies vaccine, passport and pedigree

We will fly in with Lufthansa.Lufthansa shipping will be 1,050 euros for about five puppies.
We prefer Lufthansa because they have special treatment for the puppies in transit.
The cheapest shipping, Qatar airways is about 730 euros.

Thus on arrival,the cost of 1,700 Euros equivalent is just about what we would have spent to bring in these first sets.

This venture at this stage is not profit oriented.This venture at this stage has already cost Dogs Arena Nigeria team so much in terms of logistics and travel BUT we do not intend to even attempt to profit at this stage.

ALSO very important,we got offers of cheaper puppies,some as low as 600 Euros from some earlier sources,but upon checks we found out the transaction was not viable!no need going into details of betrayals of trusts.

The PROJECT ‘KANGAL’ will be a careful,meticulous process of bringing in only pure,true Kangals,keeping records of all the puppies,ensuring that breeding is done ONLY between different litters/sets of puppies to maintain a broad bloodline and from time to time new imports will be done to expand existing bloodlines.

We are looking to complete twenty buyers for the total first sets of puppies.





However all of the first twenty buyers would be required to deposit the full payment or show proof of ability to pay the sum of 1,700 Euros,(a little below N400,000).

Upon arrival,all of the first twenty buyers will be expected to come with their vets/experts to run checks and pay as long as the puppies are same as all the puppies we have show cased and as long as the puppies are pure Kangal puppies.

We will appreciate if the puppies do not stay more than a few days with us after arrival before pick up.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT-These set of puppies here in these pictures,are already almost four months old.This will not present any problem in subsequent upbringing
It is however necessary to pick them up before they are about five and a half months to six months by which time they will already be the size of adult males Alsatians and would be more difficult to control.

*All requests now should please come by SMS to 08080701363 for prompt attention.

Below are the pictures of Sire,Dam and puppies of one of the three separate links we have for the Kangal puppies.
Pictures Courtesy Anietie Phillips.


  1. Woah! been tracing this breed since 2004, hoping I was going to be one of the first few to own one. Congrats guys, on this project…… hopefully it would get cheaper for guys like us to afford……

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