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Presently Dogs Arena has embarked on a project to bring in Kangal puppies to Nigeria.
We have written so much about this King of Dogs.We will write more in the course of this PROJECT “KANGAL’ IN NIGERIA.

The Kangal is used to ward off /kill Wolves in it’s native Turkey.
In Africa it has been brought over to Namibia and Tanzania to ward off and kill if necessary Cheetahs.
In Turkmenistan,the Kangal/Alabai is a snake killer because of the prevalence of snakes in those parts.
In the narrative below by Jocelyne BC Canada in Canada the Kangal wards off Cougars.

A complete all rounder.


Jocelyne BC Canada¬† wrote on Facebook-A neighbor’s dog was sleeping peacefully in his doghouse when he had an unexpected visitor……a young cougar attacked him inside his doghouse. The dog made a couple yelps, enough to wake up his owner who came out and shot the cougar just in time. The dog had a few bad scratches, but survived. Since we have had our Kangals, we have not seen one cougar (or anything else :-)) on our property.

The cougars here have no qualms about stalking right up to your house. before we had our kangs, we had cougars in our yard rubbing on our swing set posts. They are beautiful animals, but they have killed many of our livestock and pets and are a huge problem for ranchers during calving season…. not any more though . I would much rather have 10 bear than one cougar on my property!

Jocelyne BC Canada you are right, Noreen. there have been countless child attacks/deaths here in BC. summertime is the worst time for cougar attacks because it’s super hot, the deer move to higher ground and the cougars take the path of least resistance to get their fill….ie, the least amount of running and easiest prey= children or sheep/alpacas/goats. everyone here is on red alert at this time of year. I have to say my nerves have calmed now that I have all these kangals.

Photos courtesy Jocelyne BC Canada

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  1. Wolves cannot kill a cougar. Even a senior cougar can climb something to get away from wolves or dogs. On the contrary, a healthy cougar can kill a wolf anytime. Please be careful with your kangal dogs, because cougars are much better equipped to kill than wolves. Besides, cats are stealthy hunters. If my dogs are going to be outside in a cougar infested area, they will wear spikes collars and something to protect their abdomens. And please do not chain them.

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