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By standards, no dog breed is above 36 inches!

36 inches in the dog world is about same as 90 inches( Seven feet six inches) in the human world!
30 inches in the dog world is the beginning of giant heights and thus should equate to a human height of about Six feet Nine inches.
27 inches,the upper limit for Boerboels and Bull Mastiffs should equate to about Six feet three inches-The average range for Heavy weight boxers.

Tyson is 178cm-182 cm,Five feet  Ten inches  to Five eleven and half inches depending on the Tale of the tape you choose to accept.
Lenox Lewis is consistent at 196 cm or a shade over six feet five inches.

Among agility athletes like 100 meters runners,Ben Johnson is Five feet Ten,Carl Lewis Six feet two,Yoyan Blake Five feet Nine and a half,Asafa Powel Six feet three and Usain Bolt Six feet five inches.

The more compact-Blake,Johnson are quicker of the marks,will do better in a  40 meter race,even the regular 50 meter race,rarely run the longer 100 meters.

So height,compromises agility doubtlessly.
A tall agile creature is thus phenomenal.

Back to our beloved dogs-

By standards,no dog breed is above 36 inches!NONE! A repeat.

However there are a few dog breeds that regularly exceed their standards.
These breeds are termed not to have upper height limits.

The following dog breeds fall within this group-

1.Great Danes-Upper limit by standards 35 inches(in some standard Orgs 34 inches)
2.Irish Wolf Hound-Upper limit 35 inches
3.English Mastiff-Upper Limit 35 inches.
4.American Mastiff (Kangal is a progenitor of this breed)-Upper limit 35 inches
5.Kangal-Upper limit 33-34 inches
6.Bully Kuta-Upper limit 32-33 inches
7.Akbash (Also from Turkey as the Kangal) -Upper limit 33-34 inches
8.Great Pyrenees- Upper limit 32-33 inches
9.Caucasian Shepherd-Mountain type,-Upper limit 35 inches
10.Spanish Mastiff-Mountain type-Upper limit 35 inches.

Of these ten above,only a few  breeds maintain the speed,agility and endurance of much smaller smarter dogs.These are the Kangal and the Bully Kuta and to a slightly lesser extent the Akbash

Of the three,one is supreme both in agility,stamina,bite force.

This is the Kangal.

39 inches tall Kangals exist.But ideally 36 inches should just be maximum so that balance,ability,speed is not compromised.
Our ideal Kangal maximum height is about 34 inches,which is still gigantic to all intents and purposes.

For comparative analysis,please note that several of the great breeds are much shorter than the figures above,and it is therefore remarkable that a very tall dog like the Kangal should be more agile than some 24 inches-27 inches dogs.

Giant dog breeds (by virtue of weight) that fall within the 24 inches -27 inches bracket are- Boerboels,Bull Mastiffs,Cane Corso,Dogo Argentino,some shorter sub type Caucasian Shepherds and the heavier Rottweilers of 60 kg and above..

All the figures pertain to Male dogs.
Females are on average two inches shorter.

The pictures are of Kangal dogs above 36 inches(91.44cm) Courtesy Akin Tulubas a friend of the Dogs Arena Nigeria team.

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