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Again an interlude from the extremely lethal to the controllable lethal.

The Alsatian should be the first dog of a dog owner.

It is intelligent,compassionate,quite large,quite strong,with a good bite force and it is an exceptional guard dog.The ULTIMATE POLICE DOG.
At 26 inches high,the Alsatian is about as high as the greats.
At up to 43 kg it is to all intents and purposes large and capable.
With good training,it can offset the size advantage of greats like the Boerboel and Bull Mastiff.

What are the colors of an Alsatian?-The immediate answer would be black and tan or black and fawn.Black and Brown was the usual answer when we were children.Then the Alsatian was the ultimate pet,then and as now it was the most popular,dependable dog in Nigeria.

So what are the colors of the Alsatian?

Black & red, Black & tan, Black & cream, Black & sliver, Black (solid black), Sable (Gray), Blue, Liver, and White.

The colors should not affect the temperament,size,and general standards of the Alsatian.
In Nigeria,Black and tan//black and cream are the most popular colors,but all the above mentioned colors look very good on the Alsatian.

White Alsatian picture courtesy

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