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We will continue with DO WE NEED LETHAL DOG BREEDS PART-3 after this interlude.
Then we will be looking at the PRESA CANARIO.

However the pictures here are of a very young Rottweiler,Male and a young female mix of a Cane Corso and a Rottweiler.
This female mix is young too,the black dog in these pictures.
You will notice the almost Corso like Rott features,and from our observation said female will grow into a large(at least 27 inch) adult.For now she is already at least 24 inches high while the Rottweiler is about 21 inches high.

The two dogs belong to Vet World,a Vet clinic based in Abuja although the two dogs are presently in a Vet World affiliate establishment-  Daniels Court Hotel,Amaraku,some 20 + km from Owerri where the Dogs Arena Nigeria team had gone for a social function.

We will write more on Vet World and the proprietor who graciously permitted us to socialize with and take pictures of the two young dogs when we got talking and we quickly pointed out that the black dog was so much like a Coros but somewhat lacking in some areas.It was then we learned how the accidental mix with a Rottweiler occurred back in Abuja.

Great looking mix,we will try to get pictures of this same dog in about six months time when it should have attained adult size.

A pure Cane Corso,would be just a little different from the black dog in this picture and like we said though a guard and catch dog,the Cane Corso is a much more amiable and controllable dog than the Presa Canario -subject of the next article.

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