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Dogo Argentino

As we continue,three dog breeds come to my mind for purposes of comparison-Prime(German) Rottweiler,Doberman Pinscher,Bull Mastiff.

These three breeds are about within the size range of the Dogo Argentino,Presa Canario,Cane Corso.

The Prime German Rottweiler can be same height-Males up to 27 inches at the withers,but the Prime Rottweiler,at up to 60kg, is stockier,heavier than the three above.

The Doberman can be a little higher,up to 27.5 inches,but lighter,40-42 kg maximum.

The Bull Mastiff is about same size-height up to 27 inches,weight up to 55 kg.

This is to give you all an idea of the size of the three dogs in this article.

The Bully Kuta is larger than the other three,and will be treated separately in subsequent articles.

DOGO ARGENTINO – Cardoba Argentina,the source city of the now extinct Cordoba fighting doga progenitor of the Dogo Argentino.
Santa Fe, Argentina.the home city of the great CHE, ERNESTO GUEVARA.

Less than fifty men,including Castro and CHE started the Cuban revolution,
Over ran Batista and Castro and CHE became supreme leaders,Com-andante,a title for only the two great comrades,but CHE would tire of the new easy life in Cuba and move on to continue liberating other countries,bringing the doctrine of equality as can be found in Communism.

This he kept doing from country to country until he was captured and executed in Bolivia,TENACITY epitomized-The type found both in the breeder of the Dogo Argentino-Antonio Nores Martínez and in the dog breed itself.

Thus a dog about same height as a Rottweiler,and about 54 kg maximum for the largest males,ends up as a champion in the dog world,a dog world where we have 100 kg Mastiffs,progenitors of some of these lethal breeds.Thus we end up with a bigger version of the American Pitt Bull Terrier with great similarities to the APBT.

Virtues-Strength,stamina,pain endurance,great killer instinct,agility.

Bite force?-surprisingly in spite of all the virtues above,the Dogo Argentino does not have a greater bite force than the Rottweiler,or even the Doberman.
But it is cantankerous,a killer.

We will later see in subsequent articles what a K9 level trained Rottweiler,Doberman and even Alsatian is capable of doing and we will allow you decide if indeed there is a need for lethal dog breeds in our homes.

A Rottweiler,Doberman,Alsatian,Boerboel,Caucasian Shepherd is lethal enough by so many people’s reckoning,so why the superfluous lethality?

The Dogo Argentino,all white,sometimes with little black touches about the forehead,cropped ears,much like in Cane Corso dogs to complete the menacing out look.
Dogo Argentino picture

Dogo Argentino


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