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In the first article about Kangal Puppies,we left out a few things including the picture of the Sire(Father).

Also some of you have called in asking a few questions and we will address all these in this second part.

1.The Sire is pictured here,33 inches tall,68-70 kg ,as tall as a tall Great Dane(Average Great Dane Males are about 30 inches to 32 inches).

2.The Sire and Dam are Prime Kangals.
You will however notice that the Dam looks somewhat like an Anatolian Shepherd or even a very large Alsatian(German Shepherd).While
The Sire looks close to a Spanish Mastiff and also close to a Malak.

Kangals are close to the Spanish Mastiff but without the jowls on the neck part.
Kangals are close in looks to Malaks but leaner.
Kangal females have smaller heads,leaner features than Males,all Male puppies from this liter will tend in size and looks towards the Sire.
All females will tend in size and looks towards the Dam
We repeat that Dam size is impressive,29 inches high.Higher than any male Boerboel!.

3.Price- We wrote that prices should be in Camera for two reasons:- Confidentiality and continuity.
For now there are no Kangals in Nigeria!
For now therefore they will be expensive.
In due cause,when they are as plentiful as Cane Corsos or even as plentiful as Boerboels,market forces will determine a more affordable price.
So let us understand this.

All subsequent requests should please be by SMS to 08080701363.
reis 1

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