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A friend to the Dogs Arena Nigeria team informed us that a few male and female Kangal puppies were available for shipping.

We would want all of you who have been calling for Kangals to inspect the pictures of the Sire-33 inches,68 kg Prime Giant and Dam-height not measured but said to be at least 29 inches.

We can confirm exact height and weight of dam if necessary before shipping to Nigeria.It was not necessary to use the Dam pregnant weight for any record purposes.

On average,Male puppies will tend to be about the size of the Sire,except when the Dam is very small.In this case Dam size is good size.
Kangal females are much smaller than the males but are still much larger than the largest Male Alsatians.

Female puppies will tend towards the median of the size of Sire and Dam,or at least will be marginally larger than Dam size.

For all who find these puppies appropriate,further discussions about final price on arrival to Nigeria will continue off camera.

There will be no demand for upfront payments.but final price money must be deposited in a 30 day fixed account,to be rolled over in the event of any slight delays.

Upon arrival and checks,payments must be made and puppies taken.

Please indicate by emails first to;

Or Text messages to- 08080701363

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