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In our write up about the Top Ten Dog breeds in Nigeria presently,we mentioned a Central Asian Ovcharka,which we said was different from a Caucasian Ovcharka but much more formidable.

The dog above is a VOLKODAV which means Wolf Crusher.

It is similar to the CAO(Some groups think they are same dogs),
It is similar to a Kangal,
It is similar to the Turkmenistan Alabai,
It is similar to the Sarabi(Persian Mastiff) but faster.
It is similar to the Taibadi of Afghanistan.
It is similar to but faster than a Malak.

It is a breed NOT YET in Nigeria,but a most magnificient breed.

Very powerful,very mobile,a Wolf Killer in every sense.

The picture above is that of Akin Tulubas,a good friend to the Dogs Arena team from Turkey with a Volkodav.
A prolific Kangal breeder and our most likely ultimate link to Kangal importation into Nigeria as soon as we cross some long pending hurdles.

To every one who had before now asked for Kangal Puppies and who had complained about the undue delays we once again reaffirm that we are doing everything possible to bring this King of Dogs,The Kangal and boz to Nigeria.

We have refunded all upfront part payments and will use our resources to bring in the Kangal,along with the Volkodav and Boz.

Size of the Volkodav?-

Height-up to 34-35 inches high at the withers.(By standards the Tallest dogs,The Great Dane,Irish Wolf Hound and English,American and Spanish Mastiffs also have 34-35 inches as top height at the withers).

Weight-up to 90 kg of lithe,lean,muscle mass.

Better than the Kangal?-

Heavier,a little higher at the withers sometimes ( we also have 34-35 inches tall Kangals) but slightly less agility and mobility than a Kangal.

When these Greats come into Nigeria,you all will have the opportunity to determine which of them will come out tops.

INCIDENTALLY,The progenitors of the Bully Kuta,The Alangu Mastiff is a similar dog to the original Kangal type dogs,most similar probably to the Sarabi of Iran.

In Bully Kuta facts which we will ultimately write about and conclude,we will bring all these facts to the Fore,but we can say right now that The Kangal,Volkodav and Boz are higher up than all Sub Types of the Bully Kuta using physical abilities as a criteria.Even more higher up using dog team work/pack work as a criteria.



  1. Bros Okeys,well done Sir.Why cropped ears,cut tail?Like how much this Volkodav go cost to bring to Niger?Sorry I mistakenly posted on Lawyer Olasope’s Cane Corso.

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