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Since 10 March 2014 we at Dogs Arena Nigeria have been inundated by several demands for Neapolitan Mastiff puppies within the six to seven weeks age range.

We also got an experienced buyer who initially did not mind a 12 week old matured puppy,but who later changed his mind,choosing instead to wait for a 6-7 week old.

We are obliged to assist serious buyers get their puppies.We are also obliged to ask certain questions to be sure the would be buyers know exactly what they are going in for.

In an effort to meet the demands of these buyers,we had to reach out to more breeders,outside of our own group of in house breeders who usually meet our demands at short notice.

While we work out modalities,we felt it necessary to ask our readers the question-Neapolitan or Boerboel,which to choose in present day Nigeria and which is the bigger,stronger,more imposing breed.

The Boerboel has done very well in Nigeria.It is a large,near giant dog breed,with males ranging in height from 24 inches to 27 inches and weighing upwards of 50 kg,to as much as 80 kg.

Because it was bred over a long period by sometimes near natural selection,it has very few health issues.

It is also a good guard dog.A protector of the home stead as we wrote in a previous article.

HOWEVER-The Neapolitan is in a class of it’s own.A dog that almost became extinct several decades ago.A dog used  by both the Military and the Police in it’s native Italy.
A dog of war,a complete guard dog.
It is undoubtedly bigger,stronger,more imposing than the Boerboel.
Though it tends to sleep all day,when called upon,it is capable of enough movement to get the job done,be it to deter an invader or to attack outright.

Size-The Neapolitan male is 26 inches to 31 inches tall, 29 inches being more or less the average.It weighs upwards of 60 kg,above 90 kg dogs exist.

WHY then is the Neapolitan not in as much demand as the Boerboel?-
The answer to this is simply because the Neapolitan is comparatively rare,more exotic,more expensive.

A buyer of a Neapolitan Mastiff should read ALL that there is to read about this breed including training.
Some health issues arise,but with meticulous approach and a good Vet doctor,coupled with enough knowledge,it should not deter any capable buyer.
Class has it’s costs and issues.
In the case of the Neapolitan Mastiff,the costs and issues are easily surmountable.

Neapolitan Mastiff pictures courtesy Akuaowei Lucky Tam


  1. Hello Dog Arena,
    I have been reading your threads for quite a while and it has been quite informative.

    However I would appreciate if I could get a solid Boerboel male puppy from good parents, I would appreciate if I am reached via my email addy.


  2. I live in central New Mexico at 7500 feet elevation. I own four pitbulls, one central Asian shepherd, one patterdale terrier and a new male puppy that is a Kangal-Boerboel cross. I just discovered your site and have been enjoying it. At my elevation we get lots of cold and snow so a thick coated dog is better suited for my climate but I have very good houses for the short coated dogs so they do ok. The Neopolitan Mastiff might be a more formidable dog than the Boerboel but they are one of the ugliest dogs I’ve ever seen. I’ll stick with the Boerboel-Kangal cross. I have to look at the dog every day. Your site is fascinating and interesting. Nice work.

  3. The neo may be bigger but the Boerboel is faster and more agile with more stamina and gameness. Size isn’t everything. After dogs reach a certain size then more size is a liability, not an asset. A 160 pound Boerboel is plenty big enough. A 190 neo will be much slower and less effective as a quard dog. They will not be as healthy or live as long. I speak the truth but whether you post my comments is up to you. What use is it to ask someone to comment if they can’t say what they believe?????

  4. Hello dog arena, I would appreciate it if I could know the price of your Neapolitan mastiff because I am a very big fan of the breed

    • So sorry for this late reply.I trust that by now you have learned much from the links I gave you.If you have not yet liked Dogs Arena on Facebook,please do,we appreciate it when we are “Liked”.

  5. For real I will prefer the Neapolitan because of its distinct,unique ugly look along side the body build.

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