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Presently with all the pure breeds and the registered recognized hybrids,there may be more than four hundred different types/breeds of dogs.

We recently wrote an article on the Cao dos Mourey,a hybrid dog we suspect will challenge the Kangal for supremacy.
However there are several pure breed dogs that are almost at par….almost with the Kangal.
Some like the -The English Mastiff,The American Mastiff,The new Found land,The Central Asian Ovcharko and maybe even the largest of Caucasian shepherds and Neapolitans are stronger,heavier but not as agile,lacking in stamina and most importantly lagging behind in both frontal bite force and in strategy of attack.
By standards even the Bully Kuta and Boerboel are heavier than a Kangal to mention a few.

Others like the American Pitt Bull Terrier,.The English Bull Terrier,and even the Doberman Pinscher may have more power to weight ratio,and may be more agile,maybe even quicker,more athletic but lack the size and strength of the Kangal.

Thus the Kangal has that unique combination of size,strength,stamina,agility,strategy and most importantly a near super animal bite force that makes it tops.

However there is another dog breed,a breed put together by great dogs-men in Pakistan that has the following and the legend status of the Kangal.

That dog is the BULLY KUTA.

BUT….. and with the Kangal any comparison to any other breed elicits a BUT-The Bully Kuta is even more diverse than the Caucasian shepherd we wrote about earlier.
According to the old true dogs-men in Pakistan,just as the legend of the Iranian SARABI dog goes,NO DOG BREED,CAN MATCH THE REAL TRUE BULLY KUTA.
HOW TRUE?-In every match up,it is always necessary to compare the antecedents of the would be competitors.

In the next few series,we will look at all the Bully Kuta types,some of our information is from Javed,a friend of the Dogs Arena Nigeria team who hails from LAHORE PAKISTAN,and whose family has been breeding all the variations- Bully Kuta,Gull Terr,Gull Dong.

The true Bully Kuta moves like a Lion,that is the first way experienced dogs-men quickly use to gauge the quality of any Bully Kuta presented to them.

We are going through the pains to write about all known types of Bully Kuta because this is the only dog breed that comes close to matching and maybe even being at par with a Kangal.
Other fighting breeds,the Tosa Inu,Dogo Argentina,Perro de Presa Canario lack the power,size and strength to really threaten the KANGAL.

At the end of this series we all will find out if among the Bully Kuta sub breeds there is any to top the Kangal

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