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Most of us know the Great Thomas Hearns,a great boxer who fought in the Welter, light middle, middle up to the Light heavy weight category, the Hit man. The Motor city Cobra.
How many of us know Deontay Wilder?
Tall lean powerful heavy weight who has won all thirty of his fights by knock out.

Both fighters remind me of the Doberman Pinscher dog breed,no offense meant for the comparison.

The Doberman Pinscher is an Awesome Dog breed.

It is highly underrated in Nigeria Though.
It is deceptively powerful.
Extremely agile,great stamina,great speed,and a very high bite force.A complete package for a guard dog.
Prime Doberman dogs costs about N80,000  in Nigeria.
The international price is closer to N172,000 Naira equivalent,about 1,000 U.S.D

Like the Alsatian(German Shepherd Dog), the Doberman breed has suffered great compromise in standards in Nigeria leading to a loss in value.

Prime adult males stand 27.5 inches.A precise standard. The range may be from 26 inches to 28 inches for males. A Prime male adult weighs about 40 kg.
Many of the adults we see in Nigeria presently are far from these standards.

I want to quickly point out the great strength of this dog from it’s physic-It looks very lean, almost Grey hound thin compared to an Alsatian, but it weighs same as an Alsatian suggesting latent weight, latent power.

In this comparison,I will quickly point out that the Rottweiler is also standards compromised.The German/American differentiation also does not help matters.
In Nigeria there are 22 inches tall squat Rottweilers,males.These are way out of the standards.
There are also American Rottweilers that are almost as lean as Doberman dogs but without the quickness and lean muscularity and strength of the Doberman.

Without prejudice,and putting into consideration all our former criteria for comparison-Size,strength,speed,agility,stamina,bite force,combat ability,guard dog ability- we can authoritatively state that only the best of true German Rottweilers,Males standing about 26 inches on average(range 24inches-27 inches) and weighing from 50kg to 60kg will stand any chance of topping a prime Doberman.
Even then such a Rottweiler will very barely best a Doberman and even at that the advantage of speed,agility,stamina and guard dog ability will be the Doberman’s.

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