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We have just written about breed standards compromise of both the Doberman Pinscher and the Rottweiler in Nigeria.

In this comparison about the Caucasian Shepherd and the Boerboel,there is even greater compromise in the Caucasian shepherd breed.

The Caucasian Shepherd dog is highly compromised in standards even in it’s home countries of Georgia Republic,Azerbaijan,Armenia and Russia.

We once wrote an article about the many faces of the Caucasian shepherd dog in Nigeria.
However every where in most countries the Caucasian shepherd suffers a level of compromise.

There are very large,almost 100 kg Caucasian shepherds.

There are agile docked tailed,cropped eared Wolf Killers among this breed
Then there are also weak,slow,50kg-60kg Caucasian shepherds that look like obese Alsatians,but with more of a fox or wolf like muzzle.

By some standards,the Caucasian shepherd has no maximum height limit,that is it is anywhere from 30 inches to above 36 inches.
Said height achieved without mixing with the know tallest breeds,Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds.

Therefore it is a most difficult task to get an IDEAL Caucasian Shepherd dog.

For us a 32 inches tall,90 kg,prime well muscled Caucasian,fawn,docked tail,cropped ears from the Wolf killing stock and fighting bloodline,the sort used then to guard fugitives and to kill wolves in it’s home country,will be a most awesome dog that will be much more capable than any Boerboel.
Especially because the Boerboel has a fixed size standard,24 inches to 27 inches and 50 kg to about 70kg,75 kg rarely.

However such prime Caucasian shepherds are hard to find in Nigeria.
While most of the Boerboels in Nigeria are standard sized.


  1. Rubbish If you know anything about boerboels 75kg is average for a male girl my girl boerboel is massive for a girl is nearly 70 an her dad was 85kg extremely lean her mom was 55kg normal for a girl I’ve seen male boerboels 90kg plus that’s rare but there out there not overweight either

    • Foul language gets us no where.By Boerboel standards,75kg is not average for female.Please employ more decorum in your comments,Thank you.

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