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We at Dogs Arena Nigeria,will from time to time pay tributes and give credit to our many sources of information about dog breeds.
Wikipedia has been our most consistent source of information and we concur with most of these facts except in the few instances where the information contained is true but with provisos.

Dog breed info has been our second most consistent source of information,and again we have had few reasons to differ in opinion.

The case that readily comes to mind is the size standards for American Pitt Bull Terriers.

The Wikipedia figures for APBT height were- : 43 – 56 cm (At Shoulder, Adult).
These figures  translate to inches (divide by 2.54)  16.93 inches – 22.04 inches. figures were- Height: 14 – 24 inches (35 – 60 cm)

Now we must carefully look at these figures and determine if our great sources of information-Wikipedia and may have made grievous mistakes!

We have done extensive work on the American Pitt Bull Terrier both in Nigeria and in the U.S.A.

The most credible range of a TRUE American Pitt Bull Terrier APBT height is 13.5  inches – 19 inches inclusive.

In this range,females start from 13,5 inches – about 17 inches.

Males start from about 15,5 inches -19 inches.

We draw an analogy to the KANGALl,the King of dogs-

In the KANGAL dog height range,a great disparity exists all over the World.

The height range for Dogs by strict Turkish standards is 26 inches -31 inches.
It does not specify if Males or females.

A  26 inch tall dog is no giant!30 inches fits that description more and we all know the Kangal is a giant dog breed.

In U.S.A a range of 28 inches-32 inches for Males is given.
Some other countries give figures of 29 inches-33 inches.

Please note that there are 39 inch tall pure Kangal Males.But with such height,stability is compromised.
Please also note that though female Kangals are much smaller than Males,there are rare 35-36 inch tall females.

Some authorities in Turkey call the taller Kangals-Boz Dogs.Same really.

Back to the APBT height debate-Real,APBT are lower to the ground.They fall within the figures we have given above.
  I.E 13.5  inches – 19 inches inclusive.

However with the trend of bigger/taller is better,many,very many attempted to increase the height and size of the APBT by crossing with taller look alike digs-The Cane Corso,The Dogo Argentina,The leggy,taller  American Bull dogs.

This is how the figures that approach 24 inches came about.

These dogs are not APBT.They are Mutts.Good looking mutts but Mutts.

Such dogs would have been too tall to bait!

Thus we believe that whenever such contradictions come about,the proviso,the conditions attached should be clearly spelled out.

And so we conclude by still paying our tribute to Dog breed info for the extensive source of credible information about pure dog breeds as well as Mutts or Curs and designer dogs.

We on our part will point out any contradictions we notice as we continue to join hands with others to spread the knowledge of dog breeds and the usefulness of the right attitude to dogs.

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