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In an earlier article, we wrote about the Black Boerboel

The debate about black Boerboels continue till now.
One group insists that they exist,with proof,pictures upon pictures,and videos.

Another group states that like the Boxer dog breed,the Boerbeol does not have the black color gene-

Courtesy Wikipedia-
About the Boxer dog:-

[The Boxer does not carry the gene for a solid black coat color and therefore purebred black Boxers do not exist.[9]

Source –
“Position statements – black Boxers”. American Boxer Club (America). Retrieved 25 November 2012..]

Thus the group against a black colored Boerboel is of the opinion that a black colored Boerboel is a clever cross with any of or in parts all of the following- a Black Neo,Black Cane Corso,Black Great Dane.
They think that when done properly the Boerboel looks will remain,on a black dog.

However regardless-we all agree that there are ultrabrindle Boerboels.
Pure Boerboels not mixes,not Mutts.

Some of these are so ultra as to be almost black to all intents and purposes.

Ultra Brindle Boerboel,Tail not docked,Photo Credit-

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