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Sequel to an earlier article-

This present  article was not written by Dipo Olasope Esq.

This article was written normally by us,based on our knowledge of the Cane Corso Breed and our knowledge of Dipo Olasope Esq-temperament and all.

We have before now written that the Cane Corso is a most intriguing breed of dog.
It had in times past been used for various duties including fighting and baiting.
A regal dog breed that is the pride of Italy.

The Cane Corso is a giant dog  breed.
However it is more of a giant breed by mannerism and carriage than sheer size alone because by virtue of size alone it is not heavier than a large size rottweiler.

It stands anywhere from 24.5 inches to 27 inches for the Males.Weighs anywhere from 45kg to 50kg.

A 24.5 inch Male dog is not gigantic by any means.
However the Cane Corso has a way of looking bigger than it actually is.
It’s spread,it’s carriage accounts for this.

In this article,the required temperament of a Cane Corso owner/handler interests us.
The Cane Corso like other dog breeds is prone to all the emotions that attend dogs- Fear,anger,worry,anxiety,pain.
It is how these emotions are handled by the Cane Corso owner/handler in training that will determine what sort of adult Cane Corso we get.

A conscientious,consistent,owner or handler will bring out the best in this breed.
An erratic owner will create an erratic Cane Corso and this is very dangerous.

We mentioned in our article on Bandogges that ideally the Cane Coros,Dogo Argentina,American Bull dog and APBT are the  breeds preferred for this nefarious activity of tying dogs up with no form of socialization with humans till they become totally vicious,lethal animals.So the Cane Corso is very capable of becoming a lethal animal.

However we also wrote that an owner/handler of the desired traits can bring out the best in any dog breed and that a socialized dog can still do it’s duties properly.

This must be the case for the Cane Corso in this article because the owner from experience of our team of over 30 years starting about 1984 is a most conscientious and consistent fellow!


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