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The Dog breeds related to the KANGAL dog breed – Part 6 – Central Asian Ovcharko


The Central Asian Ovcharko (CAO) or Central Asian Sheep dog is another breed closely related to the Kangal.
It should not be confused with the Caucasian Shepherd dog,another breed from former U.S.S.R which is not a Kangal type dog.

The CAO has not done well in Nigeria.In the early days,about fifteen years ago when the first set of Caucasian Shepherds were arriving Nigeria, The CAO also arrived,but over time it did not do nearly so well as the Caucasian Shepherd which is thriving in Nigeria presently.
It is a more mastiff type dog than the Kangal,closer to the Malak dog,but a Kangal type all the same.

Wikipedia stated the following in parts about this breed-


Central Asians most likely originated in a geographical area between the Ural, Caspian Sea, Asia Minor, and the Northwest border of China [3]. Aboriginal Central Asians as well as mixes still can be found in its countries of origin, such as Kyrgyzstan, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and surrounding countries [4]. Some serve as livestock guardians, some protect their owners, and some are used for dog fighting, which is a national tradition in many countries of that region. This breed bears a strong genetic similarity to other aboriginal breeds of Livestock Guardian dogs from that region such as Northern Caucasian Volkodav, Kangal dog, and Akbash [5]”

3. Ju Gorelov: Central Asian Shepherd, the problem of breed formation and the prospects for its existence
4. A Latifi: Breed overview in places of aboriginal habitat
5. Ryabinina, O. M. (2006). “Mitochondrial DNA variation in Asian Shepherd Dogs”. Russian Journal of Genetics. pp. 917–920. Retrieved January 25, 2013.

*Also Wikipedia in part stated – They are the most powerful dogs of livestock guardian type dogs, not too much, but slightly more powerful than Caucasian Shepherd, Kangal, Akbash etc.

However,though heavier and a little stronger than the Kangal, and itself a fighting dog breed, it is not quite up to the Kangal in combat.It has less stamina,less agility, slightly less bite force.

Also Wikipedia in part stated “For working qualities, modern Central Asians have been bred into different directions, depending on the demand for specific abilities. Traditional dog fights had always been a national tradition in places of original habitat, but they had never been cruel and destructive as pitbull-type fights. All herders from the same area annually met together, and fought their strongest sheep guardian male dogs to pick the winner. It was about dominance rather than destroying their own kind. Most dogs evaluated each other when met at the field and the weaker or more submissive dog left, taking the loss. Dogs seldom injured each other, inflicting mostly minor scratches within a short period of time. Only true leaders actually had to determine the strongest dog via a real fight; but this was minor, compared to their everyday duties, facing predators and venomous snakes [9]”

9. Martin Jastrzębski Dog Fighting in Afghanistan – Tragedy or Tradition?

Size- Male Height-28 inches -32 inches,Weight upwards of 75kg.

CAO picture

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