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Even in KANGAL country,Turkey,this dog breed is used in place of the Kangal and in greater numbers than Alsatians as a Police/Security dog.

The Malinois has three other cousins-together with the Malinois all four make up the BELGIAN SHPEHERD DOGS.
The Belgian Shepherd dogs comprise of- The Groenendael,The Laekenois, The Tervuren, and The Malinois.

The MALINOIS interest us as a possible better alternative to the Alsatian(GSD).
In the U.S the Malinois is known as the Belgian Malinois.

A most intelligent dog breed,the Malinois is about the same height as an Alsatian-24 inches to 26 inches for males,but it is a little leaner than an Alsatian.
Males weigh 29 kg-34 kg against the Alsatians 35kg-43kg.

The dog has incredibly high energy drive,much higher than an Alsatian’s energy drive.

Culled from Wikipedia-“The dog is also used extensively by Unit Oketz of the Israel Defense Forces. Oketz favors the slighter build of the Malinois over that of the German Shepherd and Rottweiler which were employed formerly. Malinois are the perfect size to be picked up by their handlers, while still being able to attack their enemies, and their shorter coats and fair and neutral colors make them less prone to heatstroke.”

The Malinois has been used by the U.S Police,U.S Navy,SEAL among other security units.

Extremely agile,speedy,the Malinois definitely has an edge over the Alsatian in agility,speed, energy and stamina.

We do not know of any in Nigeria…do you?

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