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In a previous article,we wrote about the different faces of the CSD in Nigeria.

We saw that some CSDs somewhat look like very large,fatter Alsatians-Those with the black and tan colors and the long muzzles and Wolf like heads.

This comparison with the Alsatian is for those CSDs that  somewhat look like the Alsatian.

Before we start,let us clearly understand that the CSD is far more head strong,less teachable than the Alsatian.

Really there is no basis for comparison if our only criteria is the potential to learn.

Also there is no basis for comparison if our only criteria is size-because a CSD can be two times the weight of an Alsatian in extreme cases!

In average cases,the CSD is at least 27 inches tall for Males,up to 30 inches and 60 kg—-90 kg in weight,while the Alsatian Male is at least 24 inches,up to 26 inches and 34kg–43 kg in weight.

And finally if combat is our criteria,it is almost a mismatch because though game,an Alsatian will be out of it’s depth with a CSD.

The Alsatian has almost about the same bite force as the CSD and it has more stamina and enurance.More jump ability,more agility.

CSDs stay with the sheep and when wolves attack they are strong enough to fight them off,killing when possible.They have such a pump of adrenaline that in their home country of former U.S.S.R they are said to fall into a trance in combat when they feel no pain.
Their thick fur and hide make it difficult for the wolves to get in Killing bites and they have a high pain threshold. A higher threshold than an Alsatian and so feel less pain.
We will therefore seek some common grounds upon which a comparison between these two breeds may be attempted.

1. We have written before now that most dog purists do not encourage cross breeding!
But we have also written that several of the dog breeds we have presently are products of several years of cross breeding-including the Alsatian,that must intelligent of dog breeds.
Thus the option of cross breeding as an initial ground for comparison cannot be overlooked.
When carefully chosen and crossed,the product of the Fawn or Black and Tan or even Grey Caucasian Shepherd with an Alsatian is a good looking Mutt.

This cross is larger than an Alsatian,averaging 28 inches in height for Males(as against the 26 inches upper height limit of Male Alsatians) and weighing upwards of 60 kgs(as against the 43kg upper weight limit for Male Alsatians).

Some look like Alsatians,some look closer to the parent  Caucasian.

2. Guard abilities-In this comparison,the Alsatian come out tops.There is no need for a guard dog that will go about killing people.There is no need for a guard dog that the owners cannot control.
The CSD is meant to act as a guard dog in near war or top espionage situations when death of the humans is an accepted fact.
It will guard prisoners from escape in extreme cold and will kill when attempts are made for escape.
An Alsatian can kill,but it will nearly never do so.So intelligent is it that it actually values human life.

3. Socialization is possible as well as advanced proper training for the CSD.
Some experts suggest that the CSD may be a coward that snarls to shake off it’s fear.
Others rightly say the CSD is less capable than it’s Soviet neighbor the CAO-Central Asian Ovcharka(A kangal or Alabai cousin).

And so we come back from where we started-Why compare the CSD with the Alsatian?

Because some sub types of the CSD actually look very similar to the Alsatian,and the 27 inch tall,60 kg Males are not that much bigger than the 26 inch tall,43 kg Alsatians.
Also because proper training and socialization for the CSD is a possibility and then it begins to be more of a very large Alsatian.


    • Definitely the Caucasian Shepherds are larger,stronger dogs than the German Shepherd,however the German Shepherd is more agile,more intelligent and with training is a better guard dog.Their are cons and pros.

  1. What a silly article, complete biased dribble. The CSD has double the bite force of a GSD, not almost the same. Combat is definitely a walk over, thats why no person puts their GSD in with a CSD. And you cannot train a GSD to kill a CSD lol.

    A GSD is incredibly intelligent, but what is intelligence in the animal world. We basically define it as how much the animal can please us (humans). A CSD is intelligent in another way. Its left alone for long periods and has to think for itself and feels no need to please us. So if intelligence is how fast the dog will go fetch the ball then, yes, the GSD is more intelligent. If it is looking at a situation and making its own mind up the CSD is.

    Please cite your so called ‘experts’, CSD are supposedly meant to have a similar ‘no fear’ thinking, the same APBT have. Seems your whole article is based off a bad experience with a CSD. Please, if youre going to write something, write it objectively.

    As for the better ‘guard dog’, well that depends on the situation. You seem to think guarding is only based around suburban homes. Guarding requires many different situations and environments. CSD have been instinctively guarding for 2500 plus years now. If its purely by definition of the word ‘guarding’, with no context, then you cant logically say a GSD is better than a CSD.

    • This is for you to know. Years past now we all know that all experienced soldiers would prefer to take a GSD for war than a CSD..infact, other species Would be preferd before even thinking about a CSD.War is a place for killing and still you cant take a CSD to war .just think about that and see that size doesn’t matter at all….its all about intelligence.

  2. Nice, I’ve learnt from this post. My wife and I were about getting a Caucasian, but from all these posts and comments we’ll go for the German Shepherd first.
    Thumbs up guys.

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